Tee Shirt Guy 6.2


Perfecting OCD Overdrive!

A few days ago, TTSB 6 Part 1 looked into radicalising the existing Redbubble merchandise store of Classic Eggshell Moments and making changes so as to encourage increased sales. Despite my overall cynicism and yes l am an extremely cynical person just in case you hadn’t figured that out as of yet, it is combined with an enthusiastic optimism or perhaps as suggested a slowly diminishing mind stepping into the oblivion of madness!

The jury is still out on that possibility.

I started action straight away on the ‘new moves’ and pulled several long nighters, not all-nighters as at my age l am discovering that l am still fast, but slower than l once was. Insomnia is still a constant plague of mine, but it does let me grab at least 4 hours sometimes 5 a night now, which l guess is a blessing in consideration to last year’s 2 hours a night

Which admittedly probably will not make much sense to you if you didn’t see it before, but what l have done is ‘radicalised’ the layout slightly. All the collections are now entitled with the heading Think which l thought would be a relatively good approach to the designs themselves.


Tote Bags vs. Stickers

The two main sellers of my business – are in fact stickers and tote bags, so it doesn’t make any sense what so ever to dispose of them simply to push the proposed range which was Tee Shirts forwards, it really means to encourage more of these sales, and perhaps other items will increase once awareness establishes itself.

The prime collection that holds the most tote bags in fact is what is now called Think Aspergers, but used to be called Just Words. However, that collection comprised if honest quite a bit of unnecessary stock so l have streamlined that to only now encompass stickers and totes. I have further streamlined the collection to only now carry one colour tote per slogan design in comparison to the slogan before having perhaps 6 colours, which although padded the store front greatly, was in essence rendering me potentially a non-functional seller. I have 9000 designs from hundreds if not thousands of seller artists to beat to the top of the chain or even make the top sellers/trending today lists. So l have to start thinking a darn sight smarter than perhaps l was.

For this collection l did admittedly wish to display the stickers first, however after l tried this, it looked like a jumble sale gone wrong after being rinsed through a wash cycle and my OCD went berserk, so l chose to opt for the more colourful presentation of tote display visible to the buyer only. It makes for a smoother more professional look. If a buyer is interested in that slogan but not the tote then all they need to is select it and the second and only style option available is the sticker.


With the surplus and unnecessary colours deleted from the tote slogan range it makes for less designs and less confusion for the buyers.

We all live and learn.

Stickers are present in all the other collections, in addition to some totes, however they are not the prime focus for attention and this means that l was able to promote the tee shirts more. Plus l jumbled colours which is something l had never truly thought of doing but it may well work. Neurodivergent Rebel does this all the time.


The above example shows a selection of product range:

Think Asperger’s has 80 separate designs so it makes for the biggest collection of Classic, but it does look a lot smoother now, so l am pleased. It may be vibrantly colourful and not so bland, but some totes really look Gawk awful in too dark a colour. This move may encourage new tote bag sales for this collection although if anything it will just make it easier for buyers to find the stickers quicker. Time will test this l feel.


Tee Shirt Presentation

I decided to run with the so called radical colour range and now principally offer all other designs on where l can darker coloured Tee Shirts of black, charcoal, grey, maroon, deep blue, dark green, beige and white with a few medium colour ranges, but no longer specifically display any of the brighter colours eyes first in the collections. [as in the shop ranges]

Think Taboo, Think Autism, Think Planet Earth, Think Cruelty Free are all presented to the buyer as a tee shirt orientation first and merchandised to only show a much darker approach in colour or radical as the studies suggest is the way forwards to the buyers’ wallet. Think Pawtism is a mixed product range in so far as display with tee shirts, drawstring bags, totes and stationery but whilst not completely veering on the dark side, l have chosen a low to medium colour palette for it.

Think Natural and Think Bee are displayed on both tee shirts and totes as well as some stationery, but because of their very earthy au natural element, l chose to stick with brighter colours for them also.

Streamlining Merchandise Ranges

I did streamline and reduce the ranges down and dropped all the useless and heavier product ranges such as travel mugs, cups, mobile phone covers, skins and cases and now only run with stickers, totes, bags, tees and stationery.


I was initially displaying only 6 collections but have expanded that to now show 8 collections with a total of 166 designs with an actual 147 actual original designs and not just surplus, so it is indeed however viewed a big collection. But the shop was reduced down from 6 pages with each displaying 96 items of merchandise in the various colourings to a mere 2 pages. That is a great change.

So in all, as far as radical colour merchandising changes to Redbubble – huge leaps in that department.

Other changes:

Price increase – l decided to mark up my ranges by a certain %. Perhaps a bold move but l think it might be worth it in the long run because:

1] I cannot offer a discount if l don’t have any leeway

2] I now display the promise of 10% of my overall sales will be donated to my favourite charity – which was something l wanted to do originally, but for 2017 l was only able to donate £3 which is hardly ground breaking!

Dogs For Good

Time will tell on these.

Overall, l am happy with these product changes, they needed to be done before l can plan any of the new sales strategies which l shall both write about and introduce in the next month.


Another major change was l reworked my existing TeeMill account. This is the shop that deals exclusively with organic and bamboo natural cottons, that l briefly discussed in the previous post, and said that l hadn’t worked it so much due to there being no interest in organic and natural fabrics. The reason behind the rekindling was actually due to Meghan Markle who has done wonders for the promotions of eco-fashion which TeeMill very much slots into. Because of her own interest in this line of sustainable fashion, there has been an increased interest in such products.


One of the prime reasons that l initially wanted all of my designs on this fabric is because of it beautiful richness and silkiness when it came down to hypersensitivity issues, which l fall victim to frequently. I don’t have many organic and bamboo cotton tee shirts, but l have enough to know the difference it makes to your body in comparison to simply 100% cotton ranges.

So l thought it best to bring that back into the swing of my advertising strategy and so yesterday spent 12 hours restyling the store and the ranges in there.


I can receive a much higher pay-out from TeeMill in comparison to Redbubble, and it is not a small difference but a huge significant difference. I only have the basic design mode there, which only allows me to display 12 designs. Should l decide to upgrade to pro mode then instantly l have access to the capability to upload 100 designs, but it would cost me £10 pcm and with no sales, that is hard to justify currently. However if l DO manage to secure sales through that site then l will indeed invest that money straight away. But thanks to Meghan Markle l am now able to at least be at the starting point to a line that l do see taking off properly in the next 18 months.

Price of course dictates the buyer, and in the market today with so few online PODs offering eco-fashion, prices are still higher than normal cottons.

TeeMill does have a few benefits of it’s own in terms of a comparison to Redbubble, but its main lead is that it offers both the seller and the buyer beautifully crafted eco-fashion fabrics combined with a marvellously high pay-out for products sold … the trick is to sell, so no different to any other POD. Although their shipping costs are also marginally cheaper, so that is an added bonus.

So since the last the last post, l have made considerable changes to both sites in preparations for the incentive and marketing strategy to make mega bucks … well maybe mega pennies – who knows.

Catch you all next time, thanks for reading.

Classic Eggshell Moments

Tee Shirt Guy 6.1


Darker Colours are The New Bright’s!

Apparently …

Is Black & White the New Radical Colour Profit?

I have been reviewing the sales for the past year with Classic Eggshell Moments, and it’s a good job that:

1] I have a long term plan ..
2] That l am currently only looking upon it as a hobby in comparison to a niche business.

Whilst l have made some sales in the 14 months that it has been in operation, they are nothing to write home about.

Redbubble has many fine features:

• Excellent product range for designs to be placed on
• A market for stickers
• Ability to set your own price
• Easy dashboard tool control
• Ability to implement your own branding in addition to Redbubble’s branding
• Blog[journal function]
• Supports some apps
• Colour toggle option for Clothing

These are great options to have, but they also have limitations with their colours, and especially the lack of a toggle for the likes of non-fashion clothing items, which can lead to some frustration, which is what l am experiencing in a major way now, with the likes of the Tote Bags which happen to ironically sell way better than my Tee Shirts, although my Stickers sales are the highest seller. The latter is kind of surprising considering l never even viewed my designs as selling on stickers.

But every 16p profit is still a profit and it helps right?

Or that is what l tell myself anyway as l joyously look at the 16p in my bank and think ‘Oh yeah!!’

Three other flaws is the lower pay-out to artists and what is fast becoming a serious pain for potential buyers and that is the postage costs. So whilst Redbubble does sell artists’ works, heavier items are not being purchased in huge quantities due to weight vs. postage costs and this in turn puts people off buying. A big issue for me is that Redbubble used to have the option of disabling certain colours from the tee shirt selection, and they took that away, which seemed very odd at the time.

an example is some of my designs are with white text, that don’t sit on white tee shirts, and l cannot disable the design from that colour, and that annoys me immensely.

Someone asked of me recently if l have any discount codes to offer them and l had to respond with a sad NO, because l accept the default sales price because l want to try and encourage people to actually buy, and if my price is too high, combined with the postage it can put people off, so the end result is that there is no additional mark up from my end and as such no discount to actually offer.

But, my sales have been exceedingly low in the last few months and what l can garner from research is that this is what happens in Redbubble. With the ability for the novice to POD [Print on Demand] to set up an account and launch a sales concept being so easy, it means more and more artists sign up every day, so unless the artist looking to sell their stocks is seriously marketing their ranges, there is a good chance no one will ever really see them.

I ran this test on my ranges in Redbubble, and to actually locate one of my designs without the use of a direct link or even a #hashtag took considerable time. Each loading page holds 108 designs per page. After scrolling through 25 pages of trying to just find one of my designs, l gave up. As of the time of writing ‘Men’s’ tee shirts’ had 81 pages, which is over 9000 designs!!

How does ONE get noticed in that jungle??

With the #hashtags of Aspergers l finally managed to find myself at the back of a scrolling directory of some 41 pages which is pretty dismal in truth and it was because of this, l realised l had to change the way things were, hobby or not.

Next episode will see the comparison shopping around the different PODs there are on the market, however my collection is large – so before l can even contemplate a move or at least having another seller, l must streamline my collections to make it easier to identify how to move and more importantly what to move and where. I know many artists have their designs on various POD sellers and whilst l can see a smidgen of benefit to this, it just irks me that this is the way we have become.

When the huge food superstores hit the market place, their selling motto was ‘Everything’ under one roof so as to ensure customer convenience and efficiency‘– however as more and more competitors leap into the affray of selling, so too does this so called ‘convenience factor diminish greatly.

I would rather keep all my product ranges in one seller. I have a second store as it is with TeeMill which specialises in organic and bamboo cotton sales which l would have preferred to have my designs on, however the market currently doesn’t seem to have a hankering for this, hence why l don’t specifically advertise it anymore.

Additionally TeeMill as a POD seller are still very new to the marketplace having only officially launched last year and still have a fair way to go to actually appeal to more artists due to their in-house restrictions.

Until l can find another print and demand seller that meets my requirements l am having to stay put with Redbubble. But have decided to try a totally radical change of display and presentation to see if a shakeup may encourage new sales.

Forever the optimist me, either that or l am slowly going mad!

I used to write blogs on the Redbubble Journal and since transferring the posts to WordPress maybe this has altered sales slightly, l doubt it as l never truly received much in the way of viewing traffic, but will try linking the posts here back into the journal to see if that encourages more sales.

The big changes are based upon my statistical dashboard in Redbubble itself and looking closely at what designs sell on what? The results of those initial findings highlighted changes as follows:


Tote Bags vs. Stickers

Second highest seller and yet, due to a lack of colour toggle options within Redbubble, if l wish to show a design in more than one colour, l must upload the design countless times which proves more than a little frustrating.

The Just Words collection was displayed on Tote bags, but in 14 months l have only sold one Just Word Tote bag – so have opted to only have the collection displayed on stickers which is where that collection sells really well, and extract many of the designs off the bags and just keep a few of the more popular ones displayed on them.

I have sold other collection designs on the Tote so will keep that feature, but simply cut down the number of colour options.

Tee Shirt Display Presentation

Despite there being a buying market for vibrant colours – black, white and grey are visual leaders. Research suggested that displaying designs on these colours only, but having the other colours available as an option proves more successful. So will now change the way l present the designs to the buyer by ONLY displaying on black, white, grey principally with a few exceptions on dark blue, khaki, maroon and even stretch to the red, but steer clear of the orange and yellow as it may put buyers off?

According to survey studies carried out by tee shirt manufacturers ‘the white tee shirt’ is the fastest seller of all time, then it is black, then grey. To me it is the most boring colour on the palette, but however if l wish to see sales, then l should consider this as a presentational option especially for the likes of the merchandise display area.

Streamlining Merchandise Ranges

I have my designs and slogans across a number of product ranges some of which have already been mentioned [Stickers/Tees/Sweats/Totes] but also on ranges that l have never sold any of such as mugs, travel mugs, various mobile phone skins, sleeves and covers, so think a real clean sweep is in order and really streamline the look.

I think the problem is that you are so eager to see sales, that you think ‘Well if l offer the design on several products ranges, perhaps this encourages more sales’, but l am not sure if that is the way forwards anymore. As said if perhaps there was a toggle colour facility, then that might be an option for future review, but for now it is a cut down to raw basics again.


I used to maintain 10 collections and now l have combined them to only present 6 in total to the buyer;

Asperger’s – Just Words

Autism Awareness

Time To Break Taboo


Planet Earth

Naturally Simplistic

The objective is to now take the whole package and produce a much smoother and hopefully more contained image and see if this generates more and higher traffic numbers for 2018.

it is always all about time supposedly, that is the positive me , whilst the negative and perhaps realistic me says that perhaps either my designs are just awful or online selling is no where near the mugs game that many assume it is, and more importantly, that l am unable to compete with the likes of a brick and mortar retailer who can knock out any old doddle it wants to but at a hugely competitive price.

We shall see.

I have my work cut out for me over the next four weeks or so to make all the changes.

Social Media Advertising – Next episode.

Classic Eggshell Moments


That Gal, That Guy – Little Fears



01] Name you go by?

Peter Edwards

02] Brand/Product/Business Name?

Little Fears

Email: fears@gmx.co.uk

03] If you use social media, which ones? Where/how do people find you?

Twitter, Ello, Medium, Instagram

04] If you maintain any blogs/vlogs/forums, what are they called?

Little Fears at littlefears.co.uk

05] Are you a new business concept, or identity to the market? How long have you been established?

Established 25th December, 2016

06] What is your identity/business/product about?

Little monsters in the world between living and the afterlife. Either cracking puns or Lovecraftian horrors.


07] How did you come up with the concept of your idea? Did you have any previous experience with what you do, or was it completely fresh?

An amalgamation of two old ideas, doodling monsters and telling awful groaners.

08] Did you discuss it with others before launching or just ran with the idea and let it ride? If you did discuss the idea with others, what was their reaction?

Just ran with it. It was a personal project.

09] Do you use promotional or boosted or organic marketing techniques to raise the awareness to what you do?

Never needed too.

10] Tell us about how social media has worked for you? [If at all]

Social media doesn’t work for me, but I don’t work it. I’m sure this will change when I put more effort into it.

11] Is your business unique or different in any way to your competitors or the next person along? If so, how, tell us about it?

Classic British horror and humour. Both have been done a million times before, but the packaging and style is unique. I’m not sure who the Little Fears compete with. Fiction websites or webcomics?

12] Are you a quiet person naturally or are you very attention/publicity orientated


13] Is your brand you and you are the brand or is your brand separate from your personal life?

Brands totally me. I’m as daft and strange as the characters I write about.

14] Did/do you have a strategy/plan for achieving success? What was/is your end goal or achievement?

I had no end goal. Little Fears became an accidental income.

15] Did you always believe that your idea/product/brand was going to be successful or did it not bother you?

Again, was never intended to be a brand until it was one.

16] At any point with your idea/product/brand did it look like it was going to fail? Did you make any preparation for this possibility?

Nope. Personal project. Would have carried on regardless.

17] Is popularity or quality more important to you/your brand? [Or both]

Quality. Some of my subscribers have tested products and had discussions about Threadless/Society6/Etsy/Et al, and they can attest to how anal I am about making sure everything is just right.


18] Does your brand receive the right amount of publicity/attention that you think it warrants? If not, what other tactics have you introduced to help it along? If it has, are you pleased with the results?

It’s received far more than it was ever meant to have.

19] How long does it take you to prepare or finalise product or content for the end user?

Each post takes an hour. A book takes 200 hours. A tee or art print takes 5-10 hours.

20] Have you found that social media has embraced your identity willingly?


21] Have you found that your ‘different approach or quirky style’ has ever hindered what you do?

I’d say it’s boosted what I do. Received some bad reviews on Good Reads for being odd, but it’s a shite site I don’t care for and the positive reviews far outweigh the bad reviews. That’s the only hindrance I can think of.

22] How do your customers/clients/readers feel about you or your business, brand or content.

I would hope it gives them a laugh every morning.

23] Are you ever worried about upsetting your client base or do you think that a little ‘tilt’ occasionally helps who you are and what you do?

My tales and stories change drastically in nature over the coming year. I am not worried at all, as it will keep the Fears fresh. If I do the same thing forever, folk will get bored and wander off anyway.

24] Do you have a favourite quote or phrase or term that you always use to describe who you are?

“You’re an idiot.”

25] What would your epitaph read? How do you want to be remembered?

My tombstone will read, “The shell is here, the nut is gone.”

26] Do you have any annoying habits?


27] What is your biggest regret or your greatest achievement to date? [Or Both]

Not living life, scoring an awesome missus.

28] What do you do to relax?


29] Where about in the world are you to be found? [Country]

England, London.

30] What are your best qualities?

My moustache.

31] Do you think, with what you do that you have attained the ‘That Gal, That Guy’ status yet or still working towards it? Is it important to you?

No, and not important.

32] Why do you think you/your brand or concept is different? Or are you no different to everyone else?

My humour and horror is not new. Just the way I package it.

33] If you were an animal what would you be?

Jack Russell.

34] What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?


35] Finally tell us something unique about you that the questions haven’t asked.

All of my worldly possessions, including clothes, fit inside one small cupboard.


The That Gal, That Guy Series

Liebster Award Nomination 2018


Liebster Award Nomination 2018

First off, a huge thank you to Kat from FamilyFurore for her nomination of The Tee Shirt Blogger for the Liebster Award 2018, means a lot so thank you Kat.

FamilyFurore as a blog is similar to mine in some respects in so far it writes of a journey – their journey, their story of two lovely people, notably Kat as Mother to her Daughter Jessie to whom she is carer for.

I could write many words on this blog, but l won’t, instead l will show a paragraph from the introduction, and then you as the reader can visit yourself and follow their journey, their story together. “”I am carer for my gorgeous daughter, Jessie who is now 15. She started having problems regulating her emotions at age 8. At age 10 she was diagnosed with, and medicated for, a triad of mental health issues. She went from a happy, outgoing, confident kid who loved school, to a kid that had explosive, violent outbursts, needing Police intervention.””

Don’t take just my words for it, pop along….

My Answers To Kats’ questions:

1) If you lived as part of self sufficient community, what would your contribution be?

This is an excellent question, and one which l have often asked myself but on a much deeper level – what is my actual purpose. at a push l would be the equivalent to a scribe. But sadly there are not many calls these days for a scribe, or any uses for a hermit. So the only answer l have is that l would act as part of the community and chip in with my skill set to where it did the most benefit. I am a qualified chef, so that probably could figure me into good grace.

2) If you were a fruit, which fruit would you be, and why?

Probably a pineapple, l can at first glance seem kind of prickly, but in truth when people get to know me, l can be kind of sweet in a sour kind of way.

3) If you were to go on the Dr Phil show, what dilemma from your life would you be on there for?

Trying to understand my partners post menopause behaviours through Aspergian eyes. How can l be better?

4) Cats or dogs? Both or neither, and why?

Truth be known l love both, but push come to shove, it would be dogs because of the closer companionship they award you.

5) What’s the biggest let down you’ve forgiven in a friend?

I don’t tend to forgive on general friends, so can not bring up a time when l have done so.

6) What are the first three words that immediately come to mind after reading this sentence?

Oh ok, l

7) What is your most commonly spoken word or phrase? (Honesty required, profanity totally acceptable)

Be right back!

8) What makes you feel the most content in life?

When l am not sad, unhappy and alone.

9) If you could change one core fault in humanity, what would it be?

The overall greed and need for total destruction on life.

10) What are three things you’re most grateful for?

The love of my partner, my dog and that even if alone, l never get lonely. the last answer may seem odd, but it’s not, l am most dreadfully grateful for that ability.

11) Do you cut your sandwiches into rectangles or triangles?

I don’t eat bread or have sandwiches anymore due to diet restrictions, but if l did, l would not cut it at all.

My Nominations for the Liebster Award 2018 are … but first …

If l nominate you, and in so doing then inform you of my nomination for you, but you do not wish to participate because you run an award free site, this is totally fine with me. I am nominating you because l as one of your followers and in turn a reader to what you display and admires what you do. I recognise what it takes for you to deliver to your audience, but also, because this award is for new blogs, a sort of helping hand or boost up into the community and all l am saying with this nomination is ‘Here l think you deserve this!’


The Colour Of Madness

My Anxiety Matters

The Rusty Siren

Joseph Beech

Meanwhile In The Real World

Humble Lionesque

Dream Walden

My Questions

1) Why did 6 cry?
2) Last film you saw that made you think yikes or oooh or aaaah?
3) What colour socks are you wearing right now, and if not now, what is your favourite colour?
4) Rocky or Bullwinkle?
5) What would you rather bee or wasp?
6) What would be a really good nominee question if the world had no earth?
7) What is your favourite jellybean flavour?
8) Why, if we are happy and we know it – do we have to clap our hands, like what gives? Discuss
9) You have 94 minutes left to live, how would you use it?
10) What is your least favourite tipple?
11) If you were not the age you are now, how old would you be if you were born ten years before you were?


Official Rules of the Liebster Award 2018
The winning blog wins a prize. Each blog gets one entry. To enter you must:

♦ Link to my blog post in your Liebster Award blog post.
♦ Answer the questions given to you (if nominated, if you were not nominated you can use my questions).
♦ Create more questions for your 5-11 nominees to answer (judged on uniqueness and creativity).
♦ Comment on this blog post with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster award. (To make it easy for the judge to read them all.)
Entries start 1st Jan 2018 and ends on 25th Dec 2018. The winner will be picked on the 31st of December.




I Don’t Know, Sink Crazies Maybe?


Just Words Collection

I Don’t Know, Sink Crazies Maybe?

In June 2015, l had a small series of email exchanges with Tony Attwood concerning a couple of pointers but principally one which was to do with the term Aspergers’ Syndrome and my freshly written autobiography Dancing in the Grey – Life with Aspergers. The question was in light of the recent move to place Aspergers and autism together under the one umbrella and would this mean that Aspergers as an independent term would be lost in the next decade or so?

The second point was the discussion concerning my idea behind Classic Eggshell Moments and the introduction of Tee shirts that did not specifically concentrate upon ‘puzzle pieces and ribbons’ heavily on the market at the time, but not really my cup of tea in favour of more of an intellectually driven concept that didn’t alienate the neuro so much, but could be worn by one and all.

With the concern towards whether l should in fact not be including Aspergers within the collection or indeed to include Aspergers anywhere within the book?

Tony answered my email questions a little on two weeks later, and said that he had indeed raised the question of Aspergers as a term being kept in the loop with Jessica Kingsley Publishers and that at the time the general opinion was to keep it in circulation for simplicity and continuity. Many books now have opening introductions which support this concept – continuing to use the term Asperger’s syndrome rather than ASD-Level 1. He continued with that when writing up diagnostic assessments he too still includes the terminology as such:

“Child or adult has an ASD-level 1 [Asperger’s syndrome].”

Happy l was indeed.

Our second correspondence occurred a month later when l gingerly enquired if he had any information on Asperger’s syndrome and aging?

I was studying at the time a diploma on Autism, and a paragraph threw me out somewhat:

“It has been noted that the core symptoms of ASD can retreat as a sufferer grows older, though there are a distinct lack of high quality studies on the matter currently in existence which address long-term prognosis. Nearly all sufferers do show comparative improvement by the time they reach adulthood; however, some also note a decline. As a current ‘rule of thumb’ on the matter – children who fully acquire language before they reach the age of six, develop some kind of real-world, vocationally-applicable skill or interest and have an IQ in excess of 50 points hold the best prognosis.”

His response was; “With regard to aging and Asperger’s syndrome, it is coincidental that this morning I was reading a new manuscript by Wenn Lawson specifically on ‘Aging and Asperger’s Syndrome’. Wenn has Asperger’s syndrome and has written from a person perspective, but also with a review of the research literature. The book should be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in a few months’ time as I understand that this week it is about to go to the printers. I think this would be an excellent resource for you. I am also about to supervise a PhD student who is investigating aging and Asperger’s syndrome and we are currently deciding on which aspects of aging she will conduct her research.”

Older Adults and Autism Spectrum Conditions: An Introduction and Guide

Wenn Lawson [2015]

He continued with I have found from my clinical experience that the signs of ASD can reduce through the decades after the mid-twenties, but during perhaps the last decade or five years of life some of those features can actually increase. I think one of the characteristics is that the frontal lobes may decline at that time of life and the person with Asperger’s syndrome really does need their frontal lobes to process social information as well as organizational and planning abilities.”

The aging disorder of Asperger’s has long been of interest to me in so far as there isn’t really a great deal of information on the market and that everyone is of course different, so the aging process will stand to reason be different for each and every individual.

The whole point to this post is about aging in many ways, and how l have noticed if anything that truth be known, l seem to be more of an Aspergian at 55, than l was when first diagnosed at 45! Many of these strange changes are actually visible in the form of foibles if you wish quirks, oddities and bizarre behaviours and eccentricities that have not specifically calmed down, but if anything have exponentially become enhanced.

I have indeed noticed that when l was in what l class as a balanced relationship, l was more of a Neuro Aspie in comparison to a full on Aspie because my partner balanced me out considerably with her very non-Aspieness! Whilst l am still in a loving relationship, my partner is currently going through post menopause and despite what one may read about this subject, the whole personality of a woman can indeed change. In some ways, my partner has become less balanced, but equally less on the empathy side, and now leans at times heavily on what l would class the Aspie side of who l was and has become more emotionally detached in certain areas and emotions and low and behold quite clinical.

My partner was my Linus blanket [Peanuts], but since we have travelled through the menopause together l have seen parts of her disappear, and be replaced with as said similar traits to me. For us to be like this is not 100% balanced, and so my balance inside the relationship has become rocked and even more quirky and challenging than before.

Admittedly, before we were an us l was horribly Aspie orientated, extremely quirky and almost downright peculiar!! However, this post believe it or not is actually about Quirks or I Don’t Know, Sink Crazies Maybe?

Packaging – l used to experience real problems opening up packages from milk cartons to letters, to cereal boxes, to well almost anything. It balanced out and now once more l have no tolerance for anything fiddly in this area. The kitchen can at times look like a mini cyclone has swept through it when l am preparing my breakfast bowl of Rice Crispies!

Handwriting – Even when at school it was not just bad, but absolutely horrendous, it is no better these days, and l dread when someone asks me to write up any kind of festivity cards, hence l tend to use the likes of Thortful and simply add in a message!

Open things that should be shut!

Something which has really increased 100 times worse than it ever used to be is when things are ajar! It is driving me nuts and to despair, see if you can see what l mean with the photographs below?



But l have developed the strangest of dance rituals known to mankind, with twitching and high kicks, palms slapping, pushing things shut and walking around mumbling! It has got minusculely bad that even if a drawer is over open by as much as 5 m my eyes are popping out of their sockets in horror!


Fidgeting – l have always been a fidget from as far back as l can remember, but this too has become far, far worse than ever before, but as l have aged, it has just increased in agitation, not just for observers to my behaviour but me too. If my leg is not dancing by itself, my feet are horribly uncomfortable and bob up and down, but l cannot seemingly sit down and say look at the television for longer than ten minutes before l have to get up, or twist around or, or, or ….

If l sit in front of my computer, it doesn’t happen as much to the same degree, l mean it does, but it doesn’t, but l have two large computer and one television screen in front of me, and l could be gaming, watching a movie and writing a post all at once.

So, to my readers, have you as you have aged with your disorder noticed any significant changes to your behaviours, strange rituals? I have many more, don’t even start me off on unregulated noises including louder voices, but have you too noticed oddities or if you haven’t already guessed I Don’t Know, Sink Crazies Maybe = idiosyncrasies?

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger
Ps: These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

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Save The Last Straw For Me!



Save the Last Straw For Me

In truth, l am not entirely sure when l became as hyper-focused on ‘go green, environmental issues and eco-friendly topics’ as l am, not as in the specific date or time, month or even year, l think l sort of slowly ambled into it, probably because of my work with the animal industry. So, perhaps for the last twenty years have l been acutely aware of the serious problems.

I have a lot of passions, but animal cruelty and our planet are two very strong ones. The animal cruelty well that is simpler to highlight, it began in earnest when l saw just how badly many animals were being treated in the UK. You Tube, the news and other social media platforms also highlighted the most heinous of cases by man against animal and so it wasn’t long before my absolute disdain of mankind really began. I should imagine that it was because of this progression – that l started to look at the general shape of our planet and as such the conservation or in many cases lack of it.

Society has a rather convenient way of ostracising and elephantining subject matters it wishes not to confront head on, they are apathetic to most of the issues our planet faces every year. Not all of course, in fact looking back say as little as ten years ago, we now have a greater shift of concern on the wellbeing on and of good ol’ planet earth.

These two designs were created in 2015, and they were to popularise the serious problems our oceans face each and every day from plastic pollution – hence the tag line – “Do NOT let Plastic Sea plasticize our way of life” because sadly, that is exactly what is happening. The excellent news of course is that finally governments have seen the error of their ways, and are now – ONLY – now really becoming quite concerned as to the serious catastrophic damage that is going on beneath the waves … and now more poignantly above as well!

Recently our Prime Minister Theresa May declared “I’ll end the Plastic scourge” by 2042 which is admirable, but l am oft confused because twenty years ago, even as a novice l could see that the way we were treating our planet that no good would ever come of it.

“This truly is one of the great environmental scourges of our time” Theresa May “ we look back in horror at some of the damage done to our environment in the past and wonder how anyone could have thought that, for example, dumping toxic chemicals, untreated, into rivers was ever the right thing to do. In years to come, l think people will be shocked at how today we allow so much plastic to be produced needlessly.”

Well, l have news, l was shocked years ago, how much in the way of rubbish was being dumped into our oceans, never mind just the plastics!

Governments have dumped everything into our seas for years. It is/was considered one of the cheapest and easiest ways of disposing of initially sewage and has simply, [nothing simple about it] escalated into its own terminology ‘Ocean Dumping’.

Following the end of both World Wars, governments dumped thousands of unwanted goods into the oceans, because it would in many cases prove too costly to return them home especially as much of it could not be sold off. But equally, governments thought not twice at simply stopping at that, munitions were dumped in to the seas in their millions, as indeed were chemical wastes so why we are shocked at the levels that our ocean waste has become should serve as no real story.

But sadly it is and worse than that it is fast becoming one of the biggest problems our world faces today.

When l was growing up, l hardly ever remember seeing the vast quantities of plastic we have in circulation today, or for that matter the careless disposal of it. Our nations of society has just become one overly large and uncaring mass that progresses at speed and thinks not twice of what it uses, for how long and where it dumps it afterwards with no thoughts of what the long term damage might be for our environment.

We are now paying the costs of this want not culture on a global scale. Our world is fast becoming moulded and plasticised into an oversized dumpster.

Yesterday my partner came home from shopping and was excited that she had managed to buy fruit and vegetables that were not coated and wrapped in plastics of some sort, but saddened by the fact that she was still only able to purchase some 25% free of this nuisance. And only last week, after conducting a small home survey was l angered again and again by the sheer volume of home waste plastics we were disposing of each and every week that could not even remotely enter the recycling bin, as we as a country do not have the desperately needed facilities to dispose of it or upcycle it efficiently.

In one week, we managed to dispose into our actual ‘recycle bin’, only 35 pieces of plastic, meanwhile our normal bin handled 172 assorted plastic items, and that is with us being or attempting to be extremely frugal on having any kind of plastic waste in the house. If people wish to be shocked, then that is shocking. More so when many are so eager and enthusiastic to do their bit, no matter how large or small that contribution might be …

… but you can, we all can, because every little bit helps, and no one is ever too small to make a difference!

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1] Plastic Shopping Bags;

You don’t need them! Always ensure you have a reusable bag when you go not just shopping, but anywhere! Use paper bags if needs be, but avoid plastic bags at all costs!

2] Straws;

You know here’s an idea – try drinking without one! There’s even a name for it – it’s called ‘sipping!’ I know, neat huh? Failing my blatant sarcasm, why not carry a reusable glass straw or even ensure you only use paper biodegradables.

3] Plastic Bottles;

Yes, these can be recycled and yet millions never seem to make it into the system. UK households last years used 30 billion! 30 Billion, and yet only 57% were recycled!! This means that nearly three quarters of a million plastic bottles are discarded as litter … each day!!!?

Use glass reusable or try tap and filter it.

4] Plastic Toothbrushes;

Buy an environmental toothbrush such as bamboo.

5] Polystyrene Cups/Yoghurt Cups;

This is one of the most aggressive forms of pollutant there is, due to its lightness and bulkiness.

Try using reusable plastic cups or mugs or ensure you ONLY buy recyclable pots.

6] Disposable Razors;

Try using a lifetime razor or maybe just maybe letting everything grow longer! Hairy legs are fashionable for the colder winter months you know!

7] Plastic Cutlery;

Due to its smallness, similar to that of straws it makes for difficult disposal and recycling, and tends to end up as ocean dumping waste! Learn to use reusable. It has a way better feel to it anyway.

8] Liquid shower Gels and Soaps:

Try using soap bars.

9] Black Meat Trays;

Stop using these purely aesthetically dyed monsters and switch to clear plastic trays which at least CAN be recycled. The dye used by manufacturers prevents the others from being recycled.

10] Packaging;

One of my biggest banes in life!

In the UK we only have one processing plant that can actually do anything with packaging … 1!!? So make life easier on everyone and buy fruit and vegetables that are not packaged in anything.

Can’t wait to see plastic free aisles!

But this also includes not just food packaging, but Clingfilm as well.

So maybe look at reusable alternatives.

Iceland To Go Own Brand Plastic Free

Together – we can beat plastics and shape our future the way we wish to be moulded!


Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger

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Small, Little or Fat …


… Chance of seeing me in shorts outside the house in the public domain!!

For as long as l can remember with regards my adult life – and l place emphasis on my adult years overriding those of my younger years – l have no wittingly recollection of actually wearing ‘shorts’ external to any of my residences!

As a kid, l was never out of the damn things, even when not wearing them, l was never without them, they were like a Linus Blanket – l loved shorts more than l preferred ‘Longs’ They were the comfiest item in my wardrobe, next to really old tee shirts – as in worn, mangled, holey, threadbare, torn, ruffled or to the layman – lived in!

Point of fact l actually hated wearing clothing of any sort, and to achieve 100% satisfaction, l would wear what was fast becoming seen as unruly and untidy attire in the eyes of my parents. My Mother was always continually nagging at me to tidy up, to wear something, to wear anything, but to not just continually think it was perfectly acceptable to wear nothing!

Ideal day clothing would have been in Australia or Malaysia ‘thongs’ and a scruffy tee shirt and of course shorts, big, loose and baggy! I couldn’t stand socks back then, and in truth have very little time for them now and yet having said that prefer to have socks on my feet in comparison to standing on some strange surfaces barefoot. Even now, l am wearing socks, but it is winter and barefoot would be too cold!

Shoes were downright awful restrictions to my feet, hence why l wore ‘thongs’ which to the unlearned is not some fancy form of G or C string but the footwear terminology for Ozzies – Europeans understand it more if l express the words ‘sandals or flip flops’, although why the latter should even be classed is quite beyond me. I mean seriously folks, what the fuck is a flip flop?? Sounds like a bloody horse, clip clop!

In Malaysia when l was 5 l attended school and there wore a summer styled school uniform which consisted of short sleeved shirt, shorts and clopsy shoes as l called them! [All footwear heavier than a thong in my eyes were clopsy’s!] Basically bloody uncomfortable!

I know l caused distress to both my parents – my Father more so because of his disciplinarian upbringing combined with the fact that he was military or rather l should say air force! So l had to have a look that lived up to that regimental expectation – short hair and above everything TIDY! He was thankful for my school uniform which encouraged the smart style to me! But l hated it and at every opportunity l would strip down to nothing if not just very little and in Malaysia especially just go out and meet with the locals from the Kampung where we would go butterfly hunting! My typical dress code with them was a singlet, baggy shorts and thongs! What more was needed?

But we all have to grow up don’t we?

By the time l was just starting to turn 11 years of age, my parents started to take a more active role in my dressing up. It was fast becoming a combative zone, with conflicts almost daily on what l should wear and what they could get me to wear!! Two very different issues l can assure you” Where l could l battled them every step of the way, and many a time it ended in howling if not high octane yelling from all parties.

Their insistence of me becoming more conventional was a long strung out affair that lasted for a good many years and rather reluctantly especially with yet again ‘schooling’ l had to cut them some slack – and so the days of wearing shorts were fast becoming an item of clothing from my past and they were replaced with ‘longs’, bloody trousers that l hated, no detested, no fucking loathed at best of times! I simply could not/cannot stand to have too much material on me, around me, enveloping me.

I love skin on skin sensation, sure yes it’s a tad naughty to admit to but for goodness sake we are all bloody adults, and that is one fabric for want of a better word l am more than willing to wear, but other fabrics and l have a very hard time forming a sound relationship never mind trying to successfully marry us off.

Given the choice l would walk around naked each and every day, irrelevant to getting older, l am not nor have l ever been ashamed of my body and whilst l am not some kind of nudist, [although it really does appeal] it is only the fact that l am so terribly clumsy that l think l have to at my age double take on whether l should or l shouldn’t have any dangly bits whilst attending the various household chores l have to perform, plus at times the weather can be a tad cold on the ol’ brass monkeys!

Ironing in the NUD may not be as grand an idea now as it used to be, for more than just the weather or the clumsiness, but l seem to be permanently horny these days naturally [not chemically induced] which as you can imagine leads to its own set of problems!!! However that l feel is for another episode and not this one!

But l must be sadly realistic and apart from everything else listed l must also uphold the moralistic issues of decency seeing as l live in suburbia and not own my island in the middle of nowhere and so l daren’t risk upsetting the elderly neighbours!

My partner now must put up with my scruffiness … but l have digressed! My years of being able to wear shorts freely, soon disappeared come the arrival of my teens, and just as my parents were starting to breathe a sigh of relief – l was then thrown into the quagmire of teenage fashion which was something l detested more than not wearing shorts – l was horribly untidy still, and both loved and desired a total grunge look and was not in the slightest au faut with the society acceptable fashion conscious guru l was to become in less than 10 years from those very years!

However somewhere along the way and although all sorts of things happened to me one of the most crippling was the inability to wear shorts outside where l live!? It is most astonishing as a trait to see vanish l have to concede to admittedly! Considering how comfy the wearing of them is around the house and when in the garden l still prefer them with my all-time favourite Wellington boots as the photo clearly displays!


Steady yourselves – l know absolutely dashing eh, what, what, biffo!

This look is my absolute favourite and although it is reserved for gardening only – it is incredibly comfortable – baggy shorts, wellingtons [no socks], tee shirt and an old loose zip up cardy and l am ready to rumble!

However if l was dog walking time and a hot day as much as l would love to wear the same attire outside – l can’t, l simply freeze up and begin to quake and tremble – l am unable to go outside into the real world with just shorts on my legs!!? I think that people will look at my sparrow legs and laugh out loud at not just how white they are, but how odd looking they are to boot! [Play on words there]

I know damn full well, that no one is specifically eyeballing my pins and still l cannot gather the courage to go outside without first putting on long legs! It has been like this for nearly twenty years now. It might be a scorcher outside and l will YES feel like l am melting, but no way can l simply just go outside to where people are and walk amongst them without first donning trousers or cargoes!

Tis both strange and worrying indeed – l can wear tee shirts still, but not shorts or, actually l cannot even wear thongs now or flip flops or sandals in fact as much as l detest shoes of any type and socks, l cannot go outside not wearing some kind of protective footwear on my feet!

Equally, if l am walking through mud, l MUST only be wearing wellingtons and not my walking boots … the list of what l can do these days is now in conflict with the cannot do list!

So tell me, hand on heart and honestly, do you too have a list of things that you simply cannot do now in comparison to the list of what you once could do when younger or do l standalone here?

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger
Ps: These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

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