Small, Little or Fat …


… Chance of seeing me in shorts outside the house in the public domain!!

For as long as l can remember with regards my adult life – and l place emphasis on my adult years overriding those of my younger years – l have no wittingly recollection of actually wearing ‘shorts’ external to any of my residences!

As a kid, l was never out of the damn things, even when not wearing them, l was never without them, they were like a Linus Blanket – l loved shorts more than l preferred ‘Longs’ They were the comfiest item in my wardrobe, next to really old tee shirts – as in worn, mangled, holey, threadbare, torn, ruffled or to the layman – lived in!

Point of fact l actually hated wearing clothing of any sort, and to achieve 100% satisfaction, l would wear what was fast becoming seen as unruly and untidy attire in the eyes of my parents. My Mother was always continually nagging at me to tidy up, to wear something, to wear anything, but to not just continually think it was perfectly acceptable to wear nothing!

Ideal day clothing would have been in Australia or Malaysia ‘thongs’ and a scruffy tee shirt and of course shorts, big, loose and baggy! I couldn’t stand socks back then, and in truth have very little time for them now and yet having said that prefer to have socks on my feet in comparison to standing on some strange surfaces barefoot. Even now, l am wearing socks, but it is winter and barefoot would be too cold!

Shoes were downright awful restrictions to my feet, hence why l wore ‘thongs’ which to the unlearned is not some fancy form of G or C string but the footwear terminology for Ozzies – Europeans understand it more if l express the words ‘sandals or flip flops’, although why the latter should even be classed is quite beyond me. I mean seriously folks, what the fuck is a flip flop?? Sounds like a bloody horse, clip clop!

In Malaysia when l was 5 l attended school and there wore a summer styled school uniform which consisted of short sleeved shirt, shorts and clopsy shoes as l called them! [All footwear heavier than a thong in my eyes were clopsy’s!] Basically bloody uncomfortable!

I know l caused distress to both my parents – my Father more so because of his disciplinarian upbringing combined with the fact that he was military or rather l should say air force! So l had to have a look that lived up to that regimental expectation – short hair and above everything TIDY! He was thankful for my school uniform which encouraged the smart style to me! But l hated it and at every opportunity l would strip down to nothing if not just very little and in Malaysia especially just go out and meet with the locals from the Kampung where we would go butterfly hunting! My typical dress code with them was a singlet, baggy shorts and thongs! What more was needed?

But we all have to grow up don’t we?

By the time l was just starting to turn 11 years of age, my parents started to take a more active role in my dressing up. It was fast becoming a combative zone, with conflicts almost daily on what l should wear and what they could get me to wear!! Two very different issues l can assure you” Where l could l battled them every step of the way, and many a time it ended in howling if not high octane yelling from all parties.

Their insistence of me becoming more conventional was a long strung out affair that lasted for a good many years and rather reluctantly especially with yet again ‘schooling’ l had to cut them some slack – and so the days of wearing shorts were fast becoming an item of clothing from my past and they were replaced with ‘longs’, bloody trousers that l hated, no detested, no fucking loathed at best of times! I simply could not/cannot stand to have too much material on me, around me, enveloping me.

I love skin on skin sensation, sure yes it’s a tad naughty to admit to but for goodness sake we are all bloody adults, and that is one fabric for want of a better word l am more than willing to wear, but other fabrics and l have a very hard time forming a sound relationship never mind trying to successfully marry us off.

Given the choice l would walk around naked each and every day, irrelevant to getting older, l am not nor have l ever been ashamed of my body and whilst l am not some kind of nudist, [although it really does appeal] it is only the fact that l am so terribly clumsy that l think l have to at my age double take on whether l should or l shouldn’t have any dangly bits whilst attending the various household chores l have to perform, plus at times the weather can be a tad cold on the ol’ brass monkeys!

Ironing in the NUD may not be as grand an idea now as it used to be, for more than just the weather or the clumsiness, but l seem to be permanently horny these days naturally [not chemically induced] which as you can imagine leads to its own set of problems!!! However that l feel is for another episode and not this one!

But l must be sadly realistic and apart from everything else listed l must also uphold the moralistic issues of decency seeing as l live in suburbia and not own my island in the middle of nowhere and so l daren’t risk upsetting the elderly neighbours!

My partner now must put up with my scruffiness … but l have digressed! My years of being able to wear shorts freely, soon disappeared come the arrival of my teens, and just as my parents were starting to breathe a sigh of relief – l was then thrown into the quagmire of teenage fashion which was something l detested more than not wearing shorts – l was horribly untidy still, and both loved and desired a total grunge look and was not in the slightest au faut with the society acceptable fashion conscious guru l was to become in less than 10 years from those very years!

However somewhere along the way and although all sorts of things happened to me one of the most crippling was the inability to wear shorts outside where l live!? It is most astonishing as a trait to see vanish l have to concede to admittedly! Considering how comfy the wearing of them is around the house and when in the garden l still prefer them with my all-time favourite Wellington boots as the photo clearly displays!


Steady yourselves – l know absolutely dashing eh, what, what, biffo!

This look is my absolute favourite and although it is reserved for gardening only – it is incredibly comfortable – baggy shorts, wellingtons [no socks], tee shirt and an old loose zip up cardy and l am ready to rumble!

However if l was dog walking time and a hot day as much as l would love to wear the same attire outside – l can’t, l simply freeze up and begin to quake and tremble – l am unable to go outside into the real world with just shorts on my legs!!? I think that people will look at my sparrow legs and laugh out loud at not just how white they are, but how odd looking they are to boot! [Play on words there]

I know damn full well, that no one is specifically eyeballing my pins and still l cannot gather the courage to go outside without first putting on long legs! It has been like this for nearly twenty years now. It might be a scorcher outside and l will YES feel like l am melting, but no way can l simply just go outside to where people are and walk amongst them without first donning trousers or cargoes!

Tis both strange and worrying indeed – l can wear tee shirts still, but not shorts or, actually l cannot even wear thongs now or flip flops or sandals in fact as much as l detest shoes of any type and socks, l cannot go outside not wearing some kind of protective footwear on my feet!

Equally, if l am walking through mud, l MUST only be wearing wellingtons and not my walking boots … the list of what l can do these days is now in conflict with the cannot do list!

So tell me, hand on heart and honestly, do you too have a list of things that you simply cannot do now in comparison to the list of what you once could do when younger or do l standalone here?

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger
Ps: These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.



Tee Shirt Guy 5


Awesomely Differently OK

Theodore Seuss Geisel and Jenny Joseph were the inspirations behind these two illustration designs. One wrote a great, no an awesome poem that touched millions of people for its beautiful simplicity and the other was an American author and poetical animator that created the character [Dr. Seuss] that children and adults alike around the world adores so!

Whilst Jenny’s poem may not be known by each and every one of you in turn, many will know the symbolisms of the ‘red hat and purple’, and if you are still none the wiser, here is the poem below: [If you don’t wish to read the poem, scroll down the page to the video where upon you can hear Jenny joseph herself recite her poem]

Jenny Joseph

It’s the loveliest of poems, don’t you think? It has the most fantastical of cult following also, with The Red Hat Society being founded by Sue Ellen Cooper of Fullerton, California.

The truest of all beauties is that ‘Warning’ is about non conformity, about being ‘different’, which is what l love the most about the poem, it reminds me of a right old kick into the teeth of society conventionality and not being afraid to speak your mind! Which is what more of us should be doing, but and however – fear – prevents much of society from thinking ‘differently or even for that matter acting differently’, because as much as ‘differently as a concept is desired, people, society is more fearful of being shunned or ostracised for being younique!

The funny thing is, that everyone wants to be different to the next person, they want to be different and yet they fear being different and my philosophy is ‘Hey l get it’, but in order to be different you are going to have to think differently and sometimes that is all that is needed to ‘think differently’, a bit like Dr. Seuss, think differently to others and instantly you are different to others!

“Think and wonder, wonder and think.” Dr. Seuss

But also, people who wish to be different to everyone else, don’t like to think that others think them odd, because they are different, because whilst being different is ok, they have got to be distinctly different to being simply odd, because if you are ODD, then what is to stop you being considered wackily odd, or oddish or maybe even just an ODDBALL, so there are varying degrees of oddity , equally as there are and is a scaling system to being different, or even oddly different in comparison to being ok different but not being differently ok!

Problem is that way too many people hyper focus on being different and yet are so far to the left of different thinking that they are paranoid or even frightened about being considered too different, that they stop themselves from being differently ok, and turn themselves into completely different to such a degree that the others cannot help but talk about just how oddish differently Mr/Miss I Want to be Different has become!!

“You are you, now isn’t that pleasant” Dr. Seuss

If people cannot be themselves normally and lets not go into that arena of what is normal in comparison to what isn’t, but let’s just say that in order to be different you have to have a normal base point which is your normal, because your normal may not be another’s normal equally as much as your different may not be another’s different either!!

Truth be known – is that the normal way of addressing that or is that different to another’s differently normal, however l digress – fact is, that in order to be different one must understand exactly what it is they wish to be considered different for, is it their thinking, their behaviour, their appropriateness, their conduct, their normality or their dress code, the way they sleep, eat or shit – what is it that they wish to be seen as normal or different or differently ok as in comparison to simply being ok different?

My two designs were to salute both Jenny Joseph’s poem equally as much as Dr. Seuss. Both were a kick in the ass towards society conventions and conformity – you see the truth behind being different is not specifically about being so outlandishly different to the rest of thinking, but in reality simply being true to yourself, your inner you, highlighting your youniqueness and if you wish bringing back to life your YOUthfulness!

If you wish to be different to another then be true to who YOU are, not who society wants, desires and wishes you to be! I am not saying go break the law, l am simply saying be the person you were born into and not allow your mind to be totally created and manufactured by a society who fears and ostracises those who think, and act differently to conformism.

If you wish to dress up like Rocky and Bullwinkle and stand on a box whilst dancing to swan lake and singing in the rain, fine go be those people or hell even that person, that is very different, it’s your prerogative. But you don’t have to go to those lengths to be seen, thought of or considered as different – you simply have to act like the person you are, and NOT pretend to be yet another drone clone.

In my books, the likes of Jenny Joseph and ‘Warning’ and Dr. Seuss are more than ok, they are awesome differently ok! Just be you, and by being just you, friend you are already different to the person next to you.

Be Proud of who YOU are!


Ironically, both of these designs are no longer on offer for sale, as they were seen as ‘Just too different?

That Gal, That Guy 2#


Who DO YOU Think You Are?

I am finding Twitter as an application not as stressful as it once was, and have stopped using Facebook more or less for my daily needs. Twitter l find to be a really progressive and a superb organic marketing tool for my business. Because l am the brand equally as much as the brand is me, l also use the Twitter account for my personal community requirements as well.

My first full year approaches very soon [19th/01/17], and l have to be quite honest, it doesn’t feel like l have been a Tweeter for that period of time, l mean l know TIME feels like it is speeding up, but this is ridiculous! However it is all good fun, and l am thoroughly enjoying doing what l am doing! The platform moves at a hellishly fast pace but l find it remarkably soothing and relaxing.

For years l had avoided Twitter like the plague preferring to use Facebook, although l wasn’t particularly enamoured with that application, l believed it to be better than Twitter. There were rumours abound that Twitter was filled with narcissists equally as many that suggested Facebook was filled with egotists – a case of fifty of one and half dozen of the other – no winning really, both were reputed to be as bad as each other! But the fact is, l seriously enjoy Twitter and whilst l can say that Yes there is certainly some vanity to be seen, read and heard it is no different to that of Facebook! It is what it is!

I have come to meet some really lovely and wonderfully lively people and have developed with my ‘following and followers’ a community which admittedly l have never been very big on, but this community is my tribe, and l feel relaxed within their company, so that is excellent!

The business, which l mustn’t forget is one of the main reasons for joining Twitter in the first place is just starting to garner its reputation and l am making some sales, albeit small, but as l love to say Rome wasn’t built in a day!” Every sale is a sale l didn’t have the previous day, so organic marketing on Twitter is achieving the desired results

Moving along … l have digressed, but only of sorts …

Recently someone asked of me, ‘Who l thought l was?’ – They were referring to several things, but predominately – see below…

Rory Matier
The Tee Shirt Blogger
Classic Eggshell Moments
A Guy Called Bloke
Doodlepip’s Adventures

They said they were confused as to why l needed to have what amounts to three blogs, and technically four sign off signatures? Which caught me out admittedly at first, what did they mean? So pushed them for answers and they conceded to the following …“Who do you think you are?” they were apparently not being hostile but simply curious so l answered them as such …

My real name is Rory Matier – l am my own brand, my personality, my identity comprises of a diverse and sometimes eclectic mix of additional personas all of which make up for who l am and more importantly who l believe myself to be. My business or hobby if you wish is Classic Eggshell Moments, this is the professional side to my identity, but because it involves passions of mine it is a very personal approach to that identity.

Autism, as one of my designs clearly displays is not an excuse it is a way of life, it is the way of my life, so l am always going to perhaps be seen and interpreted as eccentric and as such come across different to others.

The Tee Shirt Blogger is another ‘brand’ to that of the business itself, it shows how the designs come into a life of their own, and that in many cases, each design does indeed have its own story having travelled the same journey the creator has walked.

Whilst A Guy Called Bloke is the very open and honest side to my identity – it is me, sadly at times however not all brands can be as clinical as even my Aspergers Syndrome would demand but and yet it does sit comfortable together because of the need for honesty.

Doodlepip’s Adventures is the fun loving side to my creativity – again another part of who l am, another side to the brand which is me, but through the eyes of my dog.

All of these parts openly displayed equally as the many identities that are open to reading eyes make me who l am, who l have been, and who l strive to be today. That is the truly intrinsic beauty to diversity, we are NOT just one component of ourselves but made up of several, it is in essence what makes us human.

But also – l simply logically could not operate one single blog with all of these under one roof – which is why l have three blogs, and whilst yes, no denying they are all interwoven with each other, they still have to be separate.

They were satisfied with the answers, but then wanted to know , why l decided to write a story for each of my designs? They are after all only tee shirts, people will like them and buy them or hate them and find another seller? That people don’t give a shit about a story attached to a tee shirt, so why do it? That there were thousands of blogs out there, why add another?

I couldn’t argue the toss with them; they were asking fair questions in my eyes. Why do l do what l do, and who do l think l am?

The reality is that there are a hundred thousand plus blogs out there, why add my two penneth worth and does it make a difference?

We live in a world that in truth cares not as it once did for the written word, our world now thrives on 280 character one liners [like Twitter] in many respects, books whilst not a thing of the past can be obtained through online media platforms far more smoothly than buying hard copies – so reading habits and behaviours have changed significantly – do people read less? No, they still read, but they read and react differently these days to perhaps as little as ten years ago.

Of course like back then and no different to today, there is ALWAYS a minority of people who cannot be bothered to read anything, anywhere, anytime anymore anyway – always will be. But even then, the minority still read, just differently styled to the majority! But we also live in a world of reality Television where there are things being seen on the screen now that would have shocked the viewing audience to the core fifteen years ago, and in some respects not as long as that either! Today’s world wants, desires and has an overzealous enthusiasm for information into another’s’ person’s life, their experiences, the how to guides of another’s INS and OUTS!

So in truth, blogs or vlogs are still very much a popular go to resource for finding out about stuff, that people may not specifically wish to ask a parent, a friend, a teacher and the list goes on. Readers WANT information, about everything and anything, and they want it today, now, then – they want instant gratification! They want to read and go, as much as gamers want plug and play.

Bloggers as discussed number in the millions, with many more arriving on the media scene each and every day, all scrabbling around for a foothold and an important market share to get their words, their messages, their stories out there.

You SEE people want stories, because everyone has their own story, and people love to read about another’s story!

So yes, people want to read about my life experiences with mental health, autism, Aspergers, environmental and eco-friendly, my dogs’ experiences, gardening and whatever l write about – they want to read at their own pace as and when they want to without feeling obligated to read anything at all.

Bloggers want readers; readers want bloggers, although bloggers secretly crave responses to their writing, not all readers respond, because of the annoyances of many of the blogs out there; sign into this, just sign up here – all these can hinder a person’s response – so if you are a blogger who cannot survive without receiving answers to the written word – best not become a blogger!

I write because l believe l have something to say to readers, and l hope that they can derive some help from whatever l do pen to paper about. The tee shirts symbolise very deeply who l am, the business is me, l am the business, the brand is me also, l am the brand – l therefore am who l am and as such l a blogger, a writer, an Aspie, a survivor and above everything else, l am a passionate individual who just wants to help out another if possible, make them smile, laugh or simply just make their day.

I have noticed some confusion with this series, that people may think that this is purely about a business side to things – it isn’t, it is about you as a brand – it’s about your identity, your personality and how you choose to deliver that personable side to your audience.

Those of us who do wish to be seen, read and or heard, are continually looking for ways to improve those chances, to increase our marketing awareness to our selected demograph.

There are many ways to up your statistics, your reputation and or your market value. I have seen many posts and articles recently about how to improve the life of your blog and every single one of these whilst concentrating upon increasing followers or increasing response rates, improving traffic is all about branding.

If you are running a blog for whatever reason, or topic or chosen subject – you yourself have created a ‘brand’ which is principally you. We each of us on a personal level are own brands, because we can easily identify and relate to what we are selling, pushing or even simply promoting.

If you started a Twitter account with the sole purpose of being an arrogant ignorant narcisstic sod, it would not be too long indeed before your brand was being recognised as being just that. The That Gal, That Guy side to you would become immersed into social media as the ‘Go to Place’ for ‘arrogance, ignorance and narcissism – ta da – branded.

You don’t need to be a business brand, to be that ’whatever’, you just need to be you, equally as much as l am Me, Myself And I!

Thanks for reading – Rory Matier, The Tee Shirt Blogger of Classic Eggshell Moments who just also happens to be A Guy Called Bloke and who has the companionship of Scrappy Doodlepip on her Adventures.

See what l mean … take care.

Blogger Recognition Award


Hey, Hello, Hi & Howdy,

Do you think the colour blue is confusing to an ant? Did six really cry when seven eight nine? How much does that polar bear really weigh and is it enough to break the ice?

First Off:

My sincere thanks to Family Furore [Kat] for her nomination of The Tee Shirt Blogger for the Blogger Recognition Award. If anyone is humbled, then l would have to say it is l – l am l should imagine like many other bloggers always a little surprised when someone suggests that your writing style is relatable or rewarding of something to their lives, that you have made them smile, or stop and think and above everything – that they can see that THEY are never truly alone.

Which leads me into talking about Kats’ Family Furore blog – starting with the name itself as a description which is so apt and more so to any of you, who like myself also suffer with bipolar – an outbreak of emotion. I have been following the journey of both Jessie and Kat, as daughter and Mother for quite a few months now, but have come to appreciate the posts and the writing on the wall concerning mental health. I am indeed an advocate of this, as a society we need to talk openly about both our journeys and our stories which walk so very much hand in hand.

At times the reads themselves can be harrowing, but what l love about the blog is the rawness of the deliverance of the content. many people sadly fail to recognise the work, patience and love of the carers to those who suffer at the minds of poor mental health. If you ‘don’t’ already Follow, then please do, it is totally worth taking the journey together.

So once again Kat, my sincere thanks.

The Tee Shirt Blogger focuses on diversity in the main, and rather the celebration of diversity, in many ways it is no different to my other blogs, l love the intrinsic rawness and freshness that eclecticism offers us in life for all the good, bad and of course downright ugly.

The posts mostly are focused on the designs l have to offer, but equally l have a certain amount of freestyling writing. I have passions in my autism, Aspergers’ Syndrome, service dogs, animals and their welfare, animal cruelty, the environment in which we live and seem hell bent on destroying and of course mental health, taboo and stigmas.

Advice For New Bloggers is age old but true …

1] Write for you and embrace your passion, uniqueness and love for what you do …

2] Always be true to who you are, write about what you know …

3] Be grateful, always grateful for comments, tips and suggestions …

4] Read other blogs, and comment where you are able.

My Nominees are …

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Joseph Beech

Here are a few simple things to do to participate in the Blogger Recognition Award award:

1. Show your gratitude to the person who nominated you and provide a link back to the person’s blog.
2. Give a brief story on your blog.
3. Share two or more pieces of advice for beginner bloggers.
4. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate.
5. Comment on each blog, letting them know they’ve been nominated and provide a link to your award post.


Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger

Tee Shirt Guy 4


The Tee Shirt Blogger – Just another Guy in his Fifties with a design on Life!

l don’t live the life of anyone famous, l not a celebrity, l am not a sports person, l don’t have an exciting job and truth be known l am a guy who is 55 this year and leads a very quiet almost hermit type existence.

I try to be motivational and both think and speak in a positive manner – l am not really a people person as in society people, but like individual persons if you can make sense of that. I am not keen on ‘society’ as a whole but let’s be honest who the duckety doodle duck is? In many ways l live the lifestyle of a hermit but not, sort of tweaked.

The average day for me might see me speaking [partner not included] to around three people and that’s busy for me! As in speak face to face real time, not like Twitter for instance when l can address many in one swoop. I don’t really like people, l don’t dislike them per se but don’t like to be surrounded by people – l don’t thrive on people like other more social people do. I tolerate people, and am ‘selectively social’ – but strangely enough l do care about people – although l care about animals more.


I am a dog person, because with a dog they open all sorts of doors on the social front that a person cannot always do alone. My dog Scrappy Doodlepip is a real people person, whilst l am a real dog person, which makes us a good fit in truth. I write about it with my love for Pawtism – but it is totally true – dogs are awesome ‘social ambassadors’.

Social ambassadors

In many respects l am a boring type of person – no, not ‘dissing’ myself just being candid with the reader – my life isn’t exciting – it’s humdrum and l am happy with that – when younger l did more exciting things.

So what is there to me? Well l …

“Love to walk my dog, take photographs with my camera, and love the peace and tranquillity of silence, like to get lost in a really good novel equally as much as l revel in the thrill of a great action film, or become immersed in other entertainments, spend time with my partner, eat good food – maybe game a little, and l seriously take delight in gardening knowing that what work l put in will come good and yield me something back. I have passions and enthusiasms for conservation and our planet as well saving wildlife and animals have rights. These are things l love to do, and you know what else?


I love to write, and get a kick out of using words – l can get high on words – with my imagination l can go anywhere in the world with words. Words are like the air l breathe – writing is a form of relaxation for me and with words l am never alone. With words l can be who l want to be, l can say what l want to say, l am never too small to stand up for my beliefs and with words l can make a difference – that is the beauty of words – beautifully selected and crafted words can make the biggest and profoundest difference to a person. Equally, wrongly chosen, hate filled and spiteful words can damage a person in some cases for life. People forget that l feel, they say things, write things and throw words of hate without a thought of the damage they might be creating in another person’s mind.

Words are truly powerful – with words you can be whoever or whatever you wish to be, you can go from being a no one or nobody to someone and somebody – it’s that simple. I can be just another guy in his fifties which l am or a guy who uses words to transform into another being. That’s the beauty of words.

I digress of sorts…

So l love all those things and l love to write, and l love words and thoroughly take joy in writing words and learning about new words and making a note of using new words daily if l can.

Additionally l have my business ‘Classic Eggshell Moments’ and a Twitter account where upon l manage my own organic marketing. I used to run a Journal which is still a blog and l was calling myself rather tongue in cheek stupidly a Jlogger – l know like ‘what the fuck is a Jlogger, it is really hard to pronounce! Well in my eyes l wasn’t a blogger because the journal isn’t a blog. I am a writer with a journal which is like a blog so l jokingly classed myself as a Jlogger! But l saw sense and of course moved all my ‘journals’ over to a real blog, so now l guess l am an official blogger!


And someone said ‘You can’t call yourself a Jlogger even in jest it makes no sense!” They continued with, ‘Why don’t you call yourself The Tee Shirt Blogger? Your posts are about your Tee shirts and their collections. And l thought to myself – that’s absolutely correct and so as a title or a name ‘The Tee Shirt Blogger was born.

But l am still just another guy in his fifties! In the end it was about how l came to start calling myself what l call myself now ‘The Tee shirt Blogger!

Was there a point to it, really deep down?

Yes there was actually, in truth it’s fucking irrelevant whether l am a Jlogger, blogger, vlogger, writer or whatever – the actuality of reality is this – my tee shirts are about my life and one of the collections is about my life with Aspergers and autism and it’s entitled ‘Aspergers – Just Words’ [which in truth is on everything but a tee shirt – ironically!].


Quite simplistic in itself and yet some of the words mean a lot to different people and not just me. Some of the words make a profound difference to some people – they can relate to where l am coming from.

So you see, l might well be The Tee Shirt Blogger, or just another guy in his fifties – but the distinction is this – l am NOT just that, l am ME, equally as much as you are YOU – we are not just anybody, we are US , we are someone’s in comparison to no one’s!

We are SOMEBODY’S and with words, just words we can be anybody we bloody well choose to be. So never put yourself down, and always believe in who you are – that is the beauty there in words – Believe in who you are and it doesn’t matter if like me, you are just another …

Be You Too

Next Episode – l will talk about the designs and how they came to be …

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger

Classic Eggshell Moments


Guilty as Charged!


Guilty as Charged!

Whilst there may be many endearing features and traits to my personality, equally there are many that are not so lovable. Over the years l have fallen victim to bullies, abusers and manipulators who have said in their defence that l ‘brought the worst’ out of them and that otherwise they were not that type of person.

My partner suggests on a frequent basis that some of my behaviour can be challenging and taxing at times, but also thought provoking, and stimulating and in the extremes l am known to be puzzling and perplexing with more than a few pinches of complicated thrown in for good measure!

Today’s post will look at some of those quirks of mine that can push a persons’ buttons the wrong way and have them looking for the proverbial club hammer! Luckily with my other half she loves me and whilst l may infuriate her at times, unlike the other women in my past she only pretends to want to kill me ….

The reason she hasn’t slain me in my bed whilst l slumber is because despite how exasperating and wearisome l might be, l am very lucky that she is incredibly patient and tolerant of me – not to be read like some martyr – no. She knows and understands of and about my Aspergers and she welcomed my autism into her life freely. My previous partners, one an ex-wife [we were together for 16 years] never knew of the disorder and so couldn’t, but equally had she known probably wouldn’t have and that is the difference. As they say knowledge is indeed power!

BRB is a phrase that l used to see a lot in World of Warcraft on my screen when talking to someone, and they went AFK @ away from keyboard and it means ‘be right back’ and somehow l have adopted and adapted this into my whole ethos of being!

If l am talking to someone, doing something or whatever – l can be instantly distracted or occupied by another thought and l utter BRB and walk away – all innocent if it is a literal BRB of say 20 seconds to a minute, but not so great if my BRB happens to last ten minutes or so, because whilst a random thought made me utter BRB in the first place, another equally random but connected to the first thought contemplation has entered my brain and delayed me further. Sadly the rate of BRB’s to an hour can be as high as 7!

My partner has decided that it will become my gravestone’s epitaph lead in line! So you see as l say there is ALWAYS a positive to be found in a negative! Whilst BRB might be somewhat irksome to her, l think it is the least concerning in a line of longness! There are other more vexing quirks to be seen, heard and experienced.

She says l am gifted with an incredible art of challenging her mentally at least once a day, so that has got to be seen a good thing surely …? That l am skilled in the ability to push ALL her buttons the right way in the wrong sequence – impressions versus depressions in the mental footprint department l feel! I tell her, repeatedly that it is ‘au natural’ with me, and that none of it is specifically aimed at being intentional, deliberate or purposefully hell bent on being thoroughly frustrating! It is just my spontaneity and boyish charms that are at play!

Over the years I have driven quite a few people crazy to the brink of disturbance – it’s true, and some have thrown the most profound obscenities in my direction because of this witty charisma of mine!

If it is not through my actions or conversation sadly it is down to some of my mood changes, because l can – change direction some days quicker than a holocaust blast gust

One might be forgiven for thinking that living with Aspergers is an easy jaunt – but l only say ‘might’ because l am being diplomatically polite – truth be known it can be fucking annoying for the Aspies and their loved ones!

I could be happy as a Lark one moment and downright miserable the next, up in the air like a brightly coloured balloon filled with stimming helium to spinning out of control like the rollercoaster of hell.

Reputedly l am supposedly quite an intelligent guy but even at my own concession l can act as dumb as a box of frogs or is it rocks? Never too sure, equally as l am confused as to whether it is one sandwich short of the hamper or a few sandwiches short of the picnic? Either way, you get the jist!

I will not discuss them in this episode but you can look forward to at a later date the likes of ‘swans’ flying’, frogs a- running, cows a – jumping and squirrels a – ttacking – yes it happened to me! Never mind the likes of ‘oh my gosh look, it’s blue up here!’ My life has been filled with the antics of a ugly duckling!

But we are not talking cute fluffiness here, but quirksome irksomes – and there are a few, and l am pretty sure that many Aspies reading this can relate equally as much as their partners, family, kids, peers and the blah blah so on!


In the tune of l am a lumberjack here we go..

“I’m a stimmer and l’m OK
“I sleep all night and work all day.
“He’s a stimmer and he’s OK..

I can be a happy flappy stimmer, but at times it can be a little tiring, especially as it speeds up. I have an annoying leg twitch for no reason other than l can twitch my leg, but once it starts it is like an engine it just gets faster and faster and faster and you get it!
With me there are four types of stim 1] angry and vexed, 2] happy as a lark, 3] crazy as a nutter and 4] stressed as fuck!


When l am focused – l am fixedly and determinedly dogged on that subject, there is no moving me and l am very hard to distract away. When inside that moment – time has no meaning and neither do people, things, eating, or bathing, or socialising or sleep or anything – l am at one with the moment!

Being this attentive to something can be hard on those looking in and on and l am totally oblivious to anyone else. In this also falls the word ‘obsession’ l have many passions, fixations, manias, enthusiasms, compulsions and pre-occupations which means more time away in focus!


I can be terribly uncertain about things, topics and subjects that are out of my interest zone, focus or attention span. Hesitant to the extreme is still an understatement; it is more of a case of is it really important? Sadly of course some thing’s are, but it can vex my partner when l doubt.


I am incredibly sensitive to certain things from noise to touch, taste, people, situations, clothing, foods – you name it – l could have a sensitivity issue just waiting to say hello, peekaboo! On the other side to the coin, l am so sensitive to alterations on my skin, that l cannot leave anything be, l constantly nag at something, like a nail, or a healing wound, and this delays recovery, which in turn vexes me and stresses me more! Atypical nasty catch 22’s!


Oh my goodness, but l can be the most restless person l know, in addition to that l also suffer from restless leg syndrome to such a degree that my partner and l spend many a night sleeping apart! It’s either that or my snoring!

Lack of Regulation/Moderation

I simply cannot moderate any of my behaviour at times and this can lead to inappropriate deeds and activities, poor manners and demeanours! I have at times a little impish devil that sits on my shoulder and HE [not me] loves to embarrass others with little mischievous jokes – yeah, you can see the problems here!

I am surprised l am still here at times!!

So you see life for my partner can be at times a little awkward, and she may wish to club me, batter me, throw me off a cliff, but she doesn’t [yet] – however, it does display quite clearly to the reader that life with an Aspie is never a walk in the park!!

How about you, what loving, annoying or frustrating little quirksome traits do you have?

The Aspergers Collection

Not All Herbs Are Weeds!

drawstring_bag,x1404-bg,ffffff.u3Not All Herbs are Weeds! Not All Grasses Go To Pot!

I am not naturally ‘green fingered’ and never thought myself as the gardening type, thinking when younger that ‘that type’ was in their fifties plus and maybe it is a form of natural progression towards old age! Of course when l thought this l was in my twenties which is younger than the fifties, but not as young as say in my tens! Truth be known in my tens l was actually doing more gardening than l was in my twenties! I was a cub and living in Australia and back then there was ‘Bob a Job’ week – although l think they should have been called ‘Hire a young dog’s body and give them a bob if lucky!

So back then, l was constantly knee deep in weeds and leaves and up to my elbows in cactus filled rockeries, fending off the likes of Bull Ants which were nasty pluckers – yes l said pluckers – and a host of other beasties!

It was not uncommon for me to come eye to eye with a few snakes, most assuredly l remember my adventures with the likes of the Red backs, Funnel-webs and trapdoors and of course my all-time favourite the beloved Huntsman! [Spider species] “A weeding l would go!” and all sorts of other jobs needing to be carried out in my neighbourhood.

I remember very clearly in Malaysia helping the gardener there and in fact it was he who aided me in the provisioning of some good Ganja for one dollar! However my Father an MP for the RAAF confiscated the contraband no doubt for personal use and l was scuppered as to the earliest form of relaxant l could have obtained! Our gardener was always a very happy chappy and always so very chilled out, l now know why, but back then, l was none the wiser!

As l aged and by this l mean in my teen years, my Father insisted that l ‘helped’ in the family garden in England with the sweeping of leaves, leaves, and even more bloody leaves – in fact it was during this time that l forked my foot, and yes again l do mean forked. Luckily it was a serious ‘miss’-adventure! The spoke miraculously passed in-between my big toe and the next toe along – but IT could have been worse than that!!

I did some gardening after that, and then nothing until my early thirties where upon l commenced with classic and conventional row gardening for the many rabbits and guinea pigs that l kept and it was due to my lackadaisical behaviour that the vegetables were overrun by the most staunchest and hardiest of weeds!! But not to be outdone, l developed a genuine passion for them instead and found them to be a totally enthralling topic!

Weeds are awesome – it has to be said! They became a special interest long before l even knew of the relevance of special interest!

However after that fiasco l steered clear of gardening until quite recently – nearly twenty years on from the introduction to weeds l now find myself totally enamoured with the garden and loving it! Of course Alan Gardener, Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh have nothing to fear from me, but l can now claim to understand what grips them so hard on a frosty morning and warms their cockles! If you are going to be fingered then why not be green!

However this time around l have noticed a few ‘odd’ quirks about my style and more pressingly damning a few traits that are somewhat worrying that l didn’t notice all those years ago!!

I am not sure if it is my Aspergers and or part and parcel of being autistic but l have developed a few taste and touch problems which are fast becoming alarming! Maybe what l am about to disclose is not new to other gardening personalities but l will have to await your responses to know if that is true or not!

For the last ten years or so l have observed sadly through bitter experiences that l have developed an issue with seeing and tasting and saying tasting and touching and shrieking or at least feeling very uncomfortable indeed!

1] If l see a slug on the ground l can taste it is my mouth and want to throw up!!

2] If l squeeze a lemon or lime l can taste it in my mouth!

3] If l mention the word cardboard l can feel it scraping against my teeth – and to me it’s like it for some to hear nails clawing down an old school chalkboard!

These are bad enough but recently l had the most unpleasant experience with latex gloves and compost! NO, oh my goodness, where are your minds going?!!

Last week l was working with seeds and planting up some modular trays and pots but sadly had the displeasure of having to wear latex gloves due to the planting compost being damp and l totally lost it, l freaked out and almost melted there and then! For an entire hour to ninety minutes l frothed at the mouth and fretted and stressed till l got the job done! I battled whatever demons were at play to finalise what l started and trust me when l say it was painful!

I have a problem anyway with mud on my feet or under my nails or for that matter l cannot abide wet dirt on my hands at all – which as you can see MIGHT just make gardening a little bit awkward! I can handle moist…ish mud on my hands, and dry dirt obviously but wet sticky compost and basically it is NOT good! I had to complete the task and in the end had to literally rip off the offending gloves and toss them in the trash and continue by hand which was still unpleasant but not as bad as the latex! We all live and learn!

Certainly means l am going to have an interesting year and worse if it is a wet summer but all the same l am really looking forward to everything, and do have a lot of herbs ready for the raised beds just sadly no weed, but l am sure weeds will make an entrance!

So is there anything that freaks you all out – be this gardening or other, and oh by the way what quirks do you have?


The Aspergers Collection

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