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Hey, Hello, Hi & Howdy,

Do you think the colour blue is confusing to an ant? Did six really cry when seven eight nine? How much does that polar bear really weigh and is it enough to break the ice?

In the ideal world – we would all live in a perfect society and in that society there would be no bullying, intolerances, mental health issues, stigmas, taboo, abuse, inequality, allergies, disabilities, chemicals and insanely scratchy clothing and uncomfortable shoes!!

But we don’t live in a perfect society at all!

I sell through my Classic Eggshell Moments Redbubble Shop,  principally Tee Shirts, Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags but also a small range of assorted merchandise, such as stickers, travel mugs, mugs and so on.

The ‘Tee Shirt Blogger’ as a concept came about due to the simple fact that each of my designs has a story attached to it – especially the ‘autism, Aspergers and mental health ones like the taboo range. The environmental designs are simply topics that l am very passionate about like the planet earth and animal right ranges.

Most of the ‘wordy’ designs are things that l say each and every day, and so thought it might be an idea to share those stories with you here, in case you can relate personally to them. Judging by my sales, l think l was right – people can relate to what l am saying.

I am actually autistic with my Aspergers and some of you may know me from my other blogs such as the Akkademik Asbee Dad from Doodlepips Adventures, or the rhyming poet from the A Guy Called Bloke site. But you might also follow me on my Twitter Account

I must point out exclusively now, that these posts especially with regards Autism are my personal views, it is how l view the world through my eyes and we all know that the beauty of diversity is the difference within us all, meaning that not all of you may agree with l how l view things. That doesn’t make me wrong anymore than it may make you right, it is just a differing opinion, and l would ask that you respect that as much as l will respect your own views also.

Thanks for reading, and l look forward to any comments you may wish to leave.

Classic Eggshell Moments

Rory Matier