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Product Descriptions

Week 1 of New Store Changes … Classic Eggshell Moments Teemill

In last week’s post Tee Shirt Guy 7.2  l left you all with the knowledge that l was embarking on the uploading of all the remaining designs into the TeeMill store, and l have been very busy this last week with doing just that. I know judging by how long it has taken me and with the small amount achieved that it WILL in fact take me to the end of this month to have the store where l want it to be, and so am not advertising anything from this collective just yet, as there is simply so much in the way of titivation to be performed.

If honest l have to concede to it being a little gruelling, not a hardship but at times awkward because of the ‘product descriptions‘ or for want of a more detailed word ‘SEO’ = search engine optimisations’.

This is proving very hard, and quite possibly why it will take me to the end of the month to get the collections ready for advertising. Of course l understand only too well why we need them. Everybody wants to hold a ‘top Google spot‘ in search, so l cannot deny the logistics of it. But l can say that it is proving at times quite tasking.

Google is the most popular search engine because it is the very best at finding and optimising genuine search results for a surfer’s querying mind. Their algorithms are set at such a determining style so that they can source out the very best in content – it is these configurations and not people who make the best decisions in analysing what is considered to be quality content. It always comes back to automated systems such as the infamous spiders and bots which only exist to gather information on websites. These as said are NOT people, they are more efficient in fact they are hyper efficient, they are not working with emotion, they show no empathy, they are if anything almost Spartan like in their behaviour – they’re brutal!

The way our world is today with social media, Internet technology and other media platforms, these little Spartans rely heavily upon words, descriptive words, definitive and detailed words, content words, they love words, and they remind me of the old Pac Man game chomping their way through the mazes, and that is what these little bots are doing, they chomp, absorb and discard crap, rubbish and flotsam which they regard as ‘simply not good enough!’

So making sure l use the right words, and write relatively good and quality content is going to be paramount to me having my Tee Shirts spotted by Google.

Quality Writing is therefore not just important but paramount to my success, and that is why l will not be bothering to advertise any of my product content just yet through social media platforms, but await the uploading of all the designs and then l can aestheticize  to my heart’s content.

I love writing personally, but l hate [like most people] writing content descriptions, because l suck at it, it is that simple – it can take me much longer to write a good quality content piece than some posts!

SEO content writing to me is similar to online dating profile creation, and if you read my other blog [A Guy Called Bloke] then you will know how l struggled with that whole fiasco!

How l view things – perhaps dare l fall under my own label as an Aspergian, is at times very and significantly different to how another person reacts, and l must take this into consideration if l wish to cease being Google listing 198,676 in the search engines!!

What is a person looking for, what words are they using, what are they thinking, and more importantly, how are they using those words and in what preference? I must ensure that each product SEO is precise and above everything else – very clear, otherwise the Spartan spiders are simply not going to see me through the digital cosmic dust!

So l must ensure that  ..

I use words that people search when describing the product.

I ensure my product descriptions are clear and honest,

I write quality content …

… sounds simple and easy enough doesn’t it?

I did a simple search on Classic Eggshell Moments through Google and on that precision wording and these were the top 6 results…

1] This blog – The Tee Shirt Blogger
2] The That Gal, That Guy series [This blog]
3] This blog – The Tee Shirt Blogger
4] ClassicEggshell/Redbubble
5] Images for Classic Eggshell Moments
6] @ClassicEggshell Twitter

So in truth l am not that upset, TeeMill products wasn’t listed in that page, but then l am not specifically advertising any of the ranges there yet, and it only turned up when l added the word Teemill to the end of Classic Eggshell Moments.

BUT and this is a big but, the search was for a very specific brand name and not a range of tee shirts. When l place in the search ‘Autism tee shirts’, l am nowhere to be seen. [Admittedly however l am not purely Autism/Asperger’s although they are big collections within the entire range].

So l have a really big job ahead of me. It was far easier when l ran my old business TSKA Exotics, because l specialised in incredibly exotic animal species, and all one had to place into their search was the species followed by for sale or available and l was the top listing. So l can achieve that kind of status again, but it does need to be worked on.

They say to write great content that adds value to who you are.

Concentrate upon your page titles and product descriptions; choose the right words or what are lovingly referred to as SEO Key phrases. These words need to be big and bold on the page that you are looking to optimise, so that Spartan spiders think ‘Aha!! Here we go!!’

Unlike Redbubble where the SEO optimisation is not NOT important but isn’t the prime focus, well it is, but l think that you can lose sight of that in that system, Teemill really don’t like seeing ‘spammy repeat product descriptions’, and this makes for perfect configurative sense, whereas in Redbubble that is something that you could/can technically get away with. But of course this doesn’t equal sales does it – and l know l discussed this quite heavily in an earlier episode with regards the tote bags.

Hint: Just use the word as the product title and then use it naturally, once say, in the description or paragraph.

The secret to SEO is to describe your products clearly and that is something l MUST optimise later this month, currently l am simply focusing on getting the collection into situ, which is the most important aspect for the moment.

In addition, according to Teemill l must make my spiel engaging and approachable because this is what the surfer wants? Which l do actually struggle with, personally l don’t give three monkeys whether there is an attractive product description or not. I buy mostly online these days, and so when l am looking for something to wear l have a very defined set of criteria which needs to be met.

1] Illustration design
2] Colour
3] Style, fit and comfort
4] Price

If there is friendly banter attached, l don’t really care, but maybe l am the odd one out? I mean do you read the banter on a product description or are you just governed by image alone?

However, Teemill heavily suggests that this makes for a healthier buying experience, perhaps as the techy fashion team is way younger than me, and NO l am not being ageist, but honest, l am a tee shirt seller in my mid-fifties and most of the other sellers are in their early to late twenties and thirties. This is not obviously including the charities which use Teemill as they will already have very established SEO’s already.

So how am l to know? Perhaps l am a relic of tradition, otherwise known as ‘old fashioned’.

Of course the other things which will aid sales exponentially are how you manage your PR, promotions, advertising and branding. Currently l use Twitter and Facebook, and have recently wondered if l should be looking at Instagram. I need to be proactive in my marketing of the goods. I need to start looking at other avenues, and maybe relatable content matches, but more on this at a later time in the series.

I am surrounded in WordPress alone by a glut of really useful bloggers who also write about these topics with passion, so as soon as l have more time l will be reading their content almost religiously!

The biggest thing about SEO is quality, not quantity … and time, as they said, say and even l say Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t rush me!’

Catch Up

A lot of the range and style features in Teemill are very attractive almost candy like to the eyes, not so much specifically colour choice which is great for tee shirts but very reduced for the likes of tote bags, but arrangements if you wish on how you can best display your clothing lines and l have been playing around and sampling those this week.

One feature that as an example Redbubble used to have but discarded it for more of a universal approach, of if you have a design with white text, whilst you could place it into a dark background product, instead of having the option to toggle out white goods, they removed that, so white products could either be displayed with the white text or the designer simply opted to NOT have that design present. In Teemill, you have the ability toggle white out of the presentation completely, and whilst this is small it is still significant!


Pawtism – Kids

They have a marvellous ‘Kids’ selection and for the first time l have been able to display some of the designs onto this genre so am quite pleased.

Plus they have more over all flexibility with the dashboard when it comes to the designs and as of yet l have only played with around 30% of all the applications, so have more to explore.


NeuroTees Collection

From the start of this week to yesterday evening l had managed to upload l guess around 18% of my overall design range, so still a fair way to go, but as l am becoming more and more familiar with the basic dashboard upload, l now know how things work so, my speed should increase for the coming weeks.

But for the first week l am displaying perhaps 30 assorted designs over a good style range of product and as small as that it, l am actually really pleased, and so much so even with the reduced colour range available on totes l am thinking of also adding the say What You Mean range of tote bag slogans across.

More progress updates next time, thanks for reading

The Tee Shirt Blogger






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