Tee Shirt Guy 7.2



Since l last wrote in this series [ Tee Shirt Guy 7 ] l have swung into action fully on the CARTE strategy and in truth so far so good, since writing on the 21st February l have sold five items, okay all of them were stickers, but l knew that was potentially going to happen, as all l sell now via Redbubble is stickers and totes, so l cannot sound surprised!

Twitter/Facebook now reflect the new campaign in its simplicity, there is nothing fancy about the advertising. In Twitter l can attach three of the designs per Tweet whilst in Facebook l can attach six.

Monday to Friday l place  3 – 4 adverts on each platform, and the designs displayed are different to each platform to offer variety to the audience. So in essence Facebook have a total of between 18 – 24 designs per day, with Twitter displaying 9 – 12 different designs. The Just Words Collection comprises of 73 separate designs meaning that over two days, l am showing the full collection. Once of course l have the Teemill collections up and running, l can display a bit more diversity to the advertising.

Over the weekend, l am opting to only run 2 adverts on each platform as the little knowledge l have with regards statistics actually show that my main bulk of sales occur over the Monday to Friday part of the week itself.

Most of my current sales l firmly believe come through from Twitter although l have no direct means of knowing if this is true or not considering that l am organically marketing in comparison to buying boosts and therefore having a reliable analytics system in place.

Equally l have no way of knowing if any sales are from the WordPress audience, although with the statistics l have here on my dashboard, at this present time l would have to say that WP traffic is minimal. Once l have the two stores stable again, l think this will change.

No one ever comments in either platform advertisement so guesses are down to speculation. Buyers hardly ever pass comment on their Redbubble purchase, although one buyer did.

They bought the design below, one of the most popular selling designs and left me a Heart in the messages. Which although small is still kind of encouraging. I have no idea who they are, except they come from Woodstock in the United States.

The advert to support the Just Words Collection is basic but efficient for the time being.


Just Words Collection!
… Bags of Expression!

#AutismAwareness #Autism #aspergers #Stickers #totebag


It’s simple, it’s direct, it’s to the point, and so far it is effective!

From Monday l will be concentrating on uploading all the designs into the recently upgraded Teemill store. Creating 9 new collections and placing 37 designs into the ranges of organic and sustainable fashion clothing and tote bags. I estimate that this will probably take me till the end of the month. I am admittedly looking forward to this as Teemill do offer a different range of styles  to Redbubble.

A new advertising campaign will have to be configured for these ranges, although in truth this too, should be relatively easy and simple, no need to over complicate it.

Once everything is done, my OCD will take over and l will have to go through all my old posts here and correct them with new links and new images … oh goody!

I am eager to start writing here again, and l have a few articles and topics that l am looking to pad out and expand upon and not just this one series.

Anyway, this was just an update, so finally the ball is moving.

Thanks for reading.

The Tee Shirt Blogger


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