Tee Shirt Guy 6.2


Perfecting OCD Overdrive!

A few days ago, TTSB 6 Part 1 looked into radicalising the existing Redbubble merchandise store of Classic Eggshell Moments and making changes so as to encourage increased sales. Despite my overall cynicism and yes l am an extremely cynical person just in case you hadn’t figured that out as of yet, it is combined with an enthusiastic optimism or perhaps as suggested a slowly diminishing mind stepping into the oblivion of madness!

The jury is still out on that possibility.

I started action straight away on the ‘new moves’ and pulled several long nighters, not all-nighters as at my age l am discovering that l am still fast, but slower than l once was. Insomnia is still a constant plague of mine, but it does let me grab at least 4 hours sometimes 5 a night now, which l guess is a blessing in consideration to last year’s 2 hours a night.

To view the new look see here:

Which admittedly probably will not make much sense to you if you didn’t see it before, but what l have done is ‘radicalised’ the layout slightly. All the collections are now entitled with the heading Think which l thought would be a relatively good approach to the designs themselves.


Tote Bags vs. Stickers

The two main sellers of my business – are in fact stickers and tote bags, so it doesn’t make any sense what so ever to dispose of them simply to push the proposed range which was Tee Shirts forwards, it really means to encourage more of these sales, and perhaps other items will increase once awareness establishes itself.

The prime collection that holds the most tote bags in fact is what is now called Think Aspergers, but used to be called Just Words. However, that collection comprised if honest quite a bit of unnecessary stock so l have streamlined that to only now encompass stickers and totes. I have further streamlined the collection to only now carry one colour tote per slogan design in comparison to the slogan before having perhaps 6 colours, which although padded the store front greatly, was in essence rendering me potentially a non-functional seller. I have 9000 designs from hundreds if not thousands of seller artists to beat to the top of the chain or even make the top sellers/trending today lists. So l have to start thinking a darn sight smarter than perhaps l was.

For this collection l did admittedly wish to display the stickers first, however after l tried this, it looked like a jumble sale gone wrong after being rinsed through a wash cycle and my OCD went berserk, so l chose to opt for the more colourful presentation of tote display visible to the buyer only. It makes for a smoother more professional look. If a buyer is interested in that slogan but not the tote then all they need to is select it and the second and only style option available is the sticker.


With the surplus and unnecessary colours deleted from the tote slogan range it makes for less designs and less confusion for the buyers.

We all live and learn.

Stickers are present in all the other collections, in addition to some totes, however they are not the prime focus for attention and this means that l was able to promote the tee shirts more. Plus l jumbled colours which is something l had never truly thought of doing but it may well work. Neurodivergent Rebel does this all the time.


The above example shows a selection of product range:

Think Asperger’s has 80 separate designs so it makes for the biggest collection of Classic, but it does look a lot smoother now, so l am pleased. It may be vibrantly colourful and not so bland, but some totes really look Gawk awful in too dark a colour. This move may encourage new tote bag sales for this collection although if anything it will just make it easier for buyers to find the stickers quicker. Time will test this l feel.


Tee Shirt Presentation

I decided to run with the so called radical colour range and now principally offer all other designs on where l can darker coloured Tee Shirts of black, charcoal, grey, maroon, deep blue, dark green, beige and white with a few medium colour ranges, but no longer specifically display any of the brighter colours eyes first in the collections. [as in the shop ranges]


Think Taboo, Think Autism, Think Planet Earth, Think Cruelty Free are all presented to the buyer as a tee shirt orientation first and merchandised to only show a much darker approach in colour or radical as the studies suggest is the way forwards to the buyers’ wallet. Think Pawtism is a mixed product range in so far as display with tee shirts, drawstring bags, totes and stationery but whilst not completely veering on the dark side, l have chosen a low to medium colour palette for it.


Think Natural and Think Bee are displayed on both tee shirts and totes as well as some stationery, but because of their very earthy au natural element, l chose to stick with brighter colours for them also.



Streamlining Merchandise Ranges

I did streamline and reduce the ranges down and dropped all the useless and heavier product ranges such as travel mugs, cups, mobile phone covers, skins and cases and now only run with stickers, totes, bags, tees and stationery.


I was initially displaying only 6 collections but have expanded that to now show 8 collections with a total of 166 designs with an actual 147 actual original designs and not just surplus, so it is indeed however viewed a big collection. But the shop was reduced down from 6 pages with each displaying 96 items of merchandise in the various colourings to a mere 2 pages. That is a great change.

So in all, as far as radical colour merchandising changes to Redbubble – huge leaps in that department.

Other changes:

Price increase – l decided to mark up my ranges by a certain %. Perhaps a bold move but l think it might be worth it in the long run because:

1] I cannot offer a discount if l don’t have any leeway

2] I now display the promise of 10% of my overall sales will be donated to my favourite charity – which was something l wanted to do originally, but for 2017 l was only able to donate £3 which is hardly ground breaking!

Dogs For Good

Time will tell on these.

Overall, l am happy with these product changes, they needed to be done before l can plan any of the new sales strategies which l shall both write about and introduce in the next month.


Another major change was l reworked my existing TeeMill account. This is the shop that deals exclusively with organic and bamboo natural cottons, that l briefly discussed in the previous post, and said that l hadn’t worked it so much due to there being no interest in organic and natural fabrics. The reason behind the rekindling was actually due to Meghan Markle who has done wonders for the promotions of eco-fashion which TeeMill very much slots into. Because of her own interest in this line of sustainable fashion, there has been an increased interest in such products.


One of the prime reasons that l initially wanted all of my designs on this fabric is because of it beautiful richness and silkiness when it came down to hypersensitivity issues, which l fall victim to frequently. I don’t have many organic and bamboo cotton tee shirts, but l have enough to know the difference it makes to your body in comparison to simply 100% cotton ranges.

So l thought it best to bring that back into the swing of my advertising strategy and so yesterday spent 12 hours restyling the store and the ranges in there.


I can receive a much higher pay-out from TeeMill in comparison to Redbubble, and it is not a small difference but a huge significant difference. I only have the basic design mode there, which only allows me to display 12 designs. Should l decide to upgrade to pro mode then instantly l have access to the capability to upload 100 designs, but it would cost me £10 pcm and with no sales, that is hard to justify currently. However if l DO manage to secure sales through that site then l will indeed invest that money straight away. But thanks to Meghan Markle l am now able to at least be at the starting point to a line that l do see taking off properly in the next 18 months.

Price of course dictates the buyer, and in the market today with so few online PODs offering eco-fashion, prices are still higher than normal cottons.

TeeMill does have a few benefits of it’s own in terms of a comparison to Redbubble, but its main lead is that it offers both the seller and the buyer beautifully crafted eco-fashion fabrics combined with a marvellously high pay-out for products sold … the trick is to sell, so no different to any other POD. Although their shipping costs are also marginally cheaper, so that is an added bonus.

So since the last the last post, l have made considerable changes to both sites in preparations for the incentive and marketing strategy to make mega bucks … well maybe mega pennies – who knows.

Catch you all next time, thanks for reading.

Classic Eggshell Moments


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