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Awesomely Differently OK

Theodore Seuss Geisel and Jenny Joseph were the inspirations behind these two illustration designs. One wrote a great, no an awesome poem that touched millions of people for its beautiful simplicity and the other was an American author and poetical animator that created the character [Dr. Seuss] that children and adults alike around the world adores so!

Whilst Jenny’s poem may not be known by each and every one of you in turn, many will know the symbolisms of the ‘red hat and purple’, and if you are still none the wiser, here is the poem below: [If you don’t wish to read the poem, scroll down the page to the video where upon you can hear Jenny joseph herself recite her poem]

Jenny Joseph

It’s the loveliest of poems, don’t you think? It has the most fantastical of cult following also, with The Red Hat Society being founded by Sue Ellen Cooper of Fullerton, California.

The truest of all beauties is that ‘Warning’ is about non conformity, about being ‘different’, which is what l love the most about the poem, it reminds me of a right old kick into the teeth of society conventionality and not being afraid to speak your mind! Which is what more of us should be doing, but and however – fear – prevents much of society from thinking ‘differently or even for that matter acting differently’, because as much as ‘differently as a concept is desired, people, society is more fearful of being shunned or ostracised for being younique!

The funny thing is, that everyone wants to be different to the next person, they want to be different and yet they fear being different and my philosophy is ‘Hey l get it’, but in order to be different you are going to have to think differently and sometimes that is all that is needed to ‘think differently’, a bit like Dr. Seuss, think differently to others and instantly you are different to others!

“Think and wonder, wonder and think.” Dr. Seuss

But also, people who wish to be different to everyone else, don’t like to think that others think them odd, because they are different, because whilst being different is ok, they have got to be distinctly different to being simply odd, because if you are ODD, then what is to stop you being considered wackily odd, or oddish or maybe even just an ODDBALL, so there are varying degrees of oddity , equally as there are and is a scaling system to being different, or even oddly different in comparison to being ok different but not being differently ok!

Problem is that way too many people hyper focus on being different and yet are so far to the left of different thinking that they are paranoid or even frightened about being considered too different, that they stop themselves from being differently ok, and turn themselves into completely different to such a degree that the others cannot help but talk about just how oddish differently Mr/Miss I Want to be Different has become!!

“You are you, now isn’t that pleasant” Dr. Seuss

If people cannot be themselves normally and lets not go into that arena of what is normal in comparison to what isn’t, but let’s just say that in order to be different you have to have a normal base point which is your normal, because your normal may not be another’s normal equally as much as your different may not be another’s different either!!

Truth be known – is that the normal way of addressing that or is that different to another’s differently normal, however l digress – fact is, that in order to be different one must understand exactly what it is they wish to be considered different for, is it their thinking, their behaviour, their appropriateness, their conduct, their normality or their dress code, the way they sleep, eat or shit – what is it that they wish to be seen as normal or different or differently ok as in comparison to simply being ok different?

My two designs were to salute both Jenny Joseph’s poem equally as much as Dr. Seuss. Both were a kick in the ass towards society conventions and conformity – you see the truth behind being different is not specifically about being so outlandishly different to the rest of thinking, but in reality simply being true to yourself, your inner you, highlighting your youniqueness and if you wish bringing back to life your YOUthfulness!

If you wish to be different to another then be true to who YOU are, not who society wants, desires and wishes you to be! I am not saying go break the law, l am simply saying be the person you were born into and not allow your mind to be totally created and manufactured by a society who fears and ostracises those who think, and act differently to conformism.

If you wish to dress up like Rocky and Bullwinkle and stand on a box whilst dancing to swan lake and singing in the rain, fine go be those people or hell even that person, that is very different, it’s your prerogative. But you don’t have to go to those lengths to be seen, thought of or considered as different – you simply have to act like the person you are, and NOT pretend to be yet another drone clone.

In my books, the likes of Jenny Joseph and ‘Warning’ and Dr. Seuss are more than ok, they are awesome differently ok! Just be you, and by being just you, friend you are already different to the person next to you.

Be Proud of who YOU are!


Ironically, both of these designs are no longer on offer for sale, as they were seen as ‘Just Too different?

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