That Gal, That Guy 2#


Who DO YOU Think You Are?

I am finding Twitter as an application not as stressful as it once was, and have stopped using Facebook more or less for my daily needs. Twitter l find to be a really progressive and a superb organic marketing tool for my business. Because l am the brand equally as much as the brand is me, l also use the Twitter account for my personal community requirements as well.

My first full year approaches very soon [19th/01/17], and l have to be quite honest, it doesn’t feel like l have been a Tweeter for that period of time, l mean l know TIME feels like it is speeding up, but this is ridiculous! However it is all good fun, and l am thoroughly enjoying doing what l am doing! The platform moves at a hellishly fast pace but l find it remarkably soothing and relaxing.

For years l had avoided Twitter like the plague preferring to use Facebook, although l wasn’t particularly enamoured with that application, l believed it to be better than Twitter. There were rumours abound that Twitter was filled with narcissists equally as many that suggested Facebook was filled with egotists – a case of fifty of one and half dozen of the other – no winning really, both were reputed to be as bad as each other! But the fact is, l seriously enjoy Twitter and whilst l can say that Yes there is certainly some vanity to be seen, read and heard it is no different to that of Facebook! It is what it is!

I have come to meet some really lovely and wonderfully lively people and have developed with my ‘following and followers’ a community which admittedly l have never been very big on, but this community is my tribe, and l feel relaxed within their company, so that is excellent!

The business, which l mustn’t forget is one of the main reasons for joining Twitter in the first place is just starting to garner its reputation and l am making some sales, albeit small, but as l love to say Rome wasn’t built in a day!” Every sale is a sale l didn’t have the previous day, so organic marketing on Twitter is achieving the desired results

Moving along … l have digressed, but only of sorts …

Recently someone asked of me, ‘Who l thought l was?’ – They were referring to several things, but predominately – see below…

Rory Matier
The Tee Shirt Blogger
Classic Eggshell Moments
A Guy Called Bloke
Doodlepip’s Adventures

They said they were confused as to why l needed to have what amounts to three blogs, and technically four sign off signatures? Which caught me out admittedly at first, what did they mean? So pushed them for answers and they conceded to the following …“Who do you think you are?” they were apparently not being hostile but simply curious so l answered them as such …

My real name is Rory Matier – l am my own brand, my personality, my identity comprises of a diverse and sometimes eclectic mix of additional personas all of which make up for who l am and more importantly who l believe myself to be. My business or hobby if you wish is Classic Eggshell Moments, this is the professional side to my identity, but because it involves passions of mine it is a very personal approach to that identity.

Autism, as one of my designs clearly displays is not an excuse it is a way of life, it is the way of my life, so l am always going to perhaps be seen and interpreted as eccentric and as such come across different to others.

The Tee Shirt Blogger is another ‘brand’ to that of the business itself, it shows how the designs come into a life of their own, and that in many cases, each design does indeed have its own story having travelled the same journey the creator has walked.

Whilst A Guy Called Bloke is the very open and honest side to my identity – it is me, sadly at times however not all brands can be as clinical as even my Aspergers Syndrome would demand but and yet it does sit comfortable together because of the need for honesty.

Doodlepip’s Adventures is the fun loving side to my creativity – again another part of who l am, another side to the brand which is me, but through the eyes of my dog.

All of these parts openly displayed equally as the many identities that are open to reading eyes make me who l am, who l have been, and who l strive to be today. That is the truly intrinsic beauty to diversity, we are NOT just one component of ourselves but made up of several, it is in essence what makes us human.

But also – l simply logically could not operate one single blog with all of these under one roof – which is why l have three blogs, and whilst yes, no denying they are all interwoven with each other, they still have to be separate.

They were satisfied with the answers, but then wanted to know , why l decided to write a story for each of my designs? They are after all only tee shirts, people will like them and buy them or hate them and find another seller? That people don’t give a shit about a story attached to a tee shirt, so why do it? That there were thousands of blogs out there, why add another?

I couldn’t argue the toss with them; they were asking fair questions in my eyes. Why do l do what l do, and who do l think l am?

The reality is that there are a hundred thousand plus blogs out there, why add my two penneth worth and does it make a difference?

We live in a world that in truth cares not as it once did for the written word, our world now thrives on 280 character one liners [like Twitter] in many respects, books whilst not a thing of the past can be obtained through online media platforms far more smoothly than buying hard copies – so reading habits and behaviours have changed significantly – do people read less? No, they still read, but they read and react differently these days to perhaps as little as ten years ago.

Of course like back then and no different to today, there is ALWAYS a minority of people who cannot be bothered to read anything, anywhere, anytime anymore anyway – always will be. But even then, the minority still read, just differently styled to the majority! But we also live in a world of reality Television where there are things being seen on the screen now that would have shocked the viewing audience to the core fifteen years ago, and in some respects not as long as that either! Today’s world wants, desires and has an overzealous enthusiasm for information into another’s’ person’s life, their experiences, the how to guides of another’s INS and OUTS!

So in truth, blogs or vlogs are still very much a popular go to resource for finding out about stuff, that people may not specifically wish to ask a parent, a friend, a teacher and the list goes on. Readers WANT information, about everything and anything, and they want it today, now, then – they want instant gratification! They want to read and go, as much as gamers want plug and play.

Bloggers as discussed number in the millions, with many more arriving on the media scene each and every day, all scrabbling around for a foothold and an important market share to get their words, their messages, their stories out there.

You SEE people want stories, because everyone has their own story, and people love to read about another’s story!

So yes, people want to read about my life experiences with mental health, autism, Aspergers, environmental and eco-friendly, my dogs’ experiences, gardening and whatever l write about – they want to read at their own pace as and when they want to without feeling obligated to read anything at all.

Bloggers want readers; readers want bloggers, although bloggers secretly crave responses to their writing, not all readers respond, because of the annoyances of many of the blogs out there; sign into this, just sign up here – all these can hinder a person’s response – so if you are a blogger who cannot survive without receiving answers to the written word – best not become a blogger!

I write because l believe l have something to say to readers, and l hope that they can derive some help from whatever l do pen to paper about. The tee shirts symbolise very deeply who l am, the business is me, l am the business, the brand is me also, l am the brand – l therefore am who l am and as such l a blogger, a writer, an Aspie, a survivor and above everything else, l am a passionate individual who just wants to help out another if possible, make them smile, laugh or simply just make their day.

I have noticed some confusion with this series, that people may think that this is purely about a business side to things – it isn’t, it is about you as a brand – it’s about your identity, your personality and how you choose to deliver that personable side to your audience.

Those of us who do wish to be seen, read and or heard, are continually looking for ways to improve those chances, to increase our marketing awareness to our selected demograph.

There are many ways to up your statistics, your reputation and or your market value. I have seen many posts and articles recently about how to improve the life of your blog and every single one of these whilst concentrating upon increasing followers or increasing response rates, improving traffic is all about branding.

If you are running a blog for whatever reason, or topic or chosen subject – you yourself have created a ‘brand’ which is principally you. We each of us on a personal level are own brands, because we can easily identify and relate to what we are selling, pushing or even simply promoting.

If you started a Twitter account with the sole purpose of being an arrogant ignorant narcisstic sod, it would not be too long indeed before your brand was being recognised as being just that. The That Gal, That Guy side to you would become immersed into social media as the ‘Go to Place’ for ‘arrogance, ignorance and narcissism – ta da – branded.

You don’t need to be a business brand, to be that ’whatever’, you just need to be you, equally as much as l am Me, Myself And I!

Thanks for reading – Rory Matier, The Tee Shirt Blogger of Classic Eggshell Moments who just also happens to be A Guy Called Bloke and who has the companionship of Scrappy Doodlepip on her Adventures.

See what l mean … take care.

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