Tee Shirt Guy 4


The Tee Shirt Blogger – Just another Guy in his Fifties with a design on Life!

l don’t live the life of anyone famous, l not a celebrity, l am not a sports person, l don’t have an exciting job and truth be known l am a guy who is 55 this year and leads a very quiet almost hermit type existence.

I try to be motivational and both think and speak in a positive manner – l am not really a people person as in society people, but like individual persons if you can make sense of that. I am not keen on ‘society’ as a whole but let’s be honest who the duckety doodle duck is? In many ways l live the lifestyle of a hermit but not, sort of tweaked.

The average day for me might see me speaking [partner not included] to around three people and that’s busy for me! As in speak face to face real time, not like Twitter for instance when l can address many in one swoop. I don’t really like people, l don’t dislike them per se but don’t like to be surrounded by people – l don’t thrive on people like other more social people do. I tolerate people, and am ‘selectively social’ – but strangely enough l do care about people – although l care about animals more.


I am a dog person, because with a dog they open all sorts of doors on the social front that a person cannot always do alone. My dog Scrappy Doodlepip is a real people person, whilst l am a real dog person, which makes us a good fit in truth. I write about it with my love for Pawtism – but it is totally true – dogs are awesome ‘social ambassadors’.

Social ambassadors

In many respects l am a boring type of person – no, not ‘dissing’ myself just being candid with the reader – my life isn’t exciting – it’s humdrum and l am happy with that – when younger l did more exciting things.

So what is there to me? Well l …

“Love to walk my dog, take photographs with my camera, and love the peace and tranquillity of silence, like to get lost in a really good novel equally as much as l revel in the thrill of a great action film, or become immersed in other entertainments, spend time with my partner, eat good food – maybe game a little, and l seriously take delight in gardening knowing that what work l put in will come good and yield me something back. I have passions and enthusiasms for conservation and our planet as well saving wildlife and animals have rights. These are things l love to do, and you know what else?


I love to write, and get a kick out of using words – l can get high on words – with my imagination l can go anywhere in the world with words. Words are like the air l breathe – writing is a form of relaxation for me and with words l am never alone. With words l can be who l want to be, l can say what l want to say, l am never too small to stand up for my beliefs and with words l can make a difference – that is the beauty of words – beautifully selected and crafted words can make the biggest and profoundest difference to a person. Equally, wrongly chosen, hate filled and spiteful words can damage a person in some cases for life. People forget that l feel, they say things, write things and throw words of hate without a thought of the damage they might be creating in another person’s mind.

Words are truly powerful – with words you can be whoever or whatever you wish to be, you can go from being a no one or nobody to someone and somebody – it’s that simple. I can be just another guy in his fifties which l am or a guy who uses words to transform into another being. That’s the beauty of words.

I digress of sorts…

So l love all those things and l love to write, and l love words and thoroughly take joy in writing words and learning about new words and making a note of using new words daily if l can.

Additionally l have my business ‘Classic Eggshell Moments’ and a Twitter account where upon l manage my own organic marketing. I used to run a Journal which is still a blog and l was calling myself rather tongue in cheek stupidly a Jlogger – l know like ‘what the fuck is a Jlogger, it is really hard to pronounce! Well in my eyes l wasn’t a blogger because the journal isn’t a blog. I am a writer with a journal which is like a blog so l jokingly classed myself as a Jlogger! But l saw sense and of course moved all my ‘journals’ over to a real blog, so now l guess l am an official blogger!

And someone said ‘You can’t call yourself a Jlogger even in jest it makes no sense!” They continued with, ‘Why don’t you call yourself The Tee Shirt Blogger? Your posts are about your Tee shirts and their collections. And l thought to myself – that’s absolutely correct and so as a title or a name ‘The Tee Shirt Blogger was born.

But l am still just another guy in his fifties! In the end it was about how l came to start calling myself what l call myself now ‘The Tee shirt Blogger!


Was there a point to it, really deep down?

Yes there was actually, in truth it’s fucking irrelevant whether l am a Jlogger, blogger, vlogger, writer or whatever – the actuality of reality is this – my tee shirts are about my life and one of the collections is about my life with Aspergers and autism and it’s entitled ‘Aspergers – Just Words’ [which in truth is on everything but a tee shirt – ironically!].


Quite simplistic in itself and yet some of the words mean a lot to different people and not just me. Some of the words make a profound difference to some people – they can relate to where l am coming from.

So you see, l might well be The Tee Shirt Blogger, or just another guy in his fifties – but the distinction is this – l am NOT just that, l am ME, equally as much as you are YOU – we are not just anybody, we are US , we are someone’s in comparison to no one’s!

We are SOMEBODY’S and with words, just words we can be anybody we bloody well choose to be. So never put yourself down, and always believe in who you are – that is the beauty there in words – Believe in who you are and it doesn’t matter if like me, you are just another …

Be You Too

Next Episode – l will talk about the designs and how they came to be …

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger

Classic Eggshell Moments


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