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What’s Colour Got to Do with It?

Many a time l could be perceived as being quite a drab dresser, l don’t stray that far from the usual attire on the average day, a far cry from my days in retail when in order to stand out and be different, l took the role on as a Dandy – which to the learned – would seem to be quite the opposite of most Aspergians, but of course back then l was unknowing as to that presence.

What l did know was that l didn’t just want to wear the same drabness that most of my colleagues wore daily, but also l didn’t specifically want people looking at or into my eyes – everyone l talked to about this at the time just said l was weird!

Who knew how close they were to the truth!

I figured that if l was wearing colour, it would take people’s attention away from my face, and to a degree it worked, hence why l was always adorned in colourful ties, bow-ties, waistcoats, bling for the suit, brighter coloured suits and the shiniest of shoes!


[I can’t let go of my slice of The Retail 80’s – 15 waistcoats/100 Assorted ties!

But that was in my yesterdays, in my youth, before a knowing cynicism crept on board my very soul!

These days comfort rules, hyper-sensitivity ensures that l dress myself in fabrics that allow freedom of movement, no scratchy tags, no tight fitting anything and to some who do not know me, l could at times be mistaken for a tramp!

When on the few occasions l go out, well l smarten up my appearance – there is no need for my partner to be perceived as dating the grunge puppy! But on the day to day basis l tend to wear the same routinal clothing – sometimes my partner has a hell of a job to get me to drop them into the washing basket, especially if they are really comfortable!

I am no longer on show as in retail, so it matters not to a degree of how l look. I shower daily, shave every couple of days, wear clean underwear and socks, and change my tee shirt every day! But my outer shell is usually the same, l am currently enjoying wearing immensely a lined and padded checked blue over shirt and l am either wearing cargos or smart joggers!

Yeah, yeah l know quite the dapper guy me, you’re well jealous!

The one thing however l do enjoy is wearing colourful tee shirts, my last bastion of vibrancy l have in my life! So on this level; colour is all important to me. Nowadays l wear tee shirts seven days a week, so having a bright colourful selection is imperative in my eyes.

I don’t like white tee shirts, which is why if you peruse through the displayed selections in my Classic Eggshell Moments shop you will NEVER see a design deliberately placed onto one. But should a buyer wish to own a white tee, the option is there, panic over! I also cannot abide plain tee shirts, so mine always have to have something on the front, l feel naked if there is nothing!

These days l am slightly better with the acceptance of both black and grey tee shirts in my collection as colours, but that is only recently. It used to be that l couldn’t wear ‘black, white or grey’ tees, but hey we all change!

In Twitter recently l held a poll and after 24 hours and 175 votes later l had the answer to this question:

“What’s Your Favourite Tee Shirt Colour?”

The following answers were received and nothing shocked me, ironically however, of the tee shirts l have sold through the shop none came from the top colour choice.

52% Black, White & Grey
25% Vibrant Colours
20% Pastels
3% Brown/Designs

May not seem like a lot of voters to base a poll upon, but the fact is that whatever poll you look at that asks a similar colour question, the answers above are usually the responses whatever the numbers voting. Black, white and grey or shades of grey such as marl, ash, charcoal and so on, always come up trumps. Vibrant and pastels alike also are not too far from the results we have, so l wasn’t unhappy with the end result over the time window it was displayed at.

However, digression aside, what does a colour say about you if anything at all?

For me personally, l like to wear colours other than black, white and grey. I don’t even own any white tee shirts and have a couple of black and a couple of mid grey, but l have roughly 35 tee shirts and all the others are blues, greens, reds, oranges, yellows, coppers, purples and some pastels – so l am more of a vibrant kind of colour palette.

But what about you?

In the mid to late 80’s, having your colours done was a really popular activity and everyone wanted to have their colour swatches carried out, but what wasn’t popular in the 80’s? But colour swatching is still a thing, and wearing the right colours can not only motivate you, but really bolster your confidence for not just you, but how you are perceived by others.


Black The Confidence Promoter!

Some people view this colour as gloomy or the harbinger of death and misery and yet black is a totally powerful colour that can speak volumes to those looking upon it. It is stable and solid and promotes reliability and seriousness, and is great for first dates and or interviews. But too much black and this can portray a darker side to a personality, so don’t wear it in an over powering way, break the colour up with other colours.

Equally, black is worn by arty people and those who want to say something about their caring natures. This colour is a real classic and often symbolises elegance.

Black is a very popular tee shirt colour both in plain tees and designer tees.



There is almost something angelic about white tee shirt wearers as it portrays a clean and innocent look. Organised and detail focused people, as well as non-clutter hoarders love white for its logical outlook. But do remember like black to not wear too much white as it can dilute your appearance and make you appear ill, so add a splash of colour.




Is a neutral colour equally as much as a toner, a blender between colours, hence why some people wear black, white and grey together as it tones them down as well as displays a striking ensemble. Like white, like black, too much grey and let’s face it ‘You gonna look real borin!

So remember to wear splashes of colour with this also.

However the first three colours mentioned here, represented 52% of the buying population.

Vibrant Colours Pastel Colours





This colour is one of the most popular colours in the vibrancy chart, as it blends with most colours, pending upon its shade or hue if you want to be romantic about it all. It represents honesty, trust and reliability. If you think on it, you might see why many of the utilities, finances and authoritarians wear blue – so think hospitals, bankers and the police.

But also it symbolises harmony, calm, sensitivity, stability and clean and tidy minds.




I adore red, have done for many years. It symbolises vivaciousness, tenacity for living life, it’s about creativity and confidence, and difference, it can display that you are ‘out there’ and that you are determined. It is a colour of action, it can speak volumes in a silent room, it displays power, and passion, and boldness and is known to quicken the heart rates of those who see it – if you wish to be seen and remembered – wear red and own it!


Similar to red, it represents passion, but can also symbolise vulnerability and not as strong as red. But there are many shades of pink and not all are ‘girly, or fantasy based, but vibrantly strong. But for men it can mean that they are in touch with their feminine side and not feel threatened by that fact.

But equally there are many things pink as a colour can mean and be interpreted to mean as well. It is a vibrant colour and can mean friendly and approachable, it can display warmth and a nurturing side, as well as softness to the person’s nature, it means and can mean that the wearer is a sensitive soul and aware of people’s feelings, that they can be generous with their time in the caring of others. Pink wearers are positive people and can see the good in most others.

It’s one of the most powerful colours in the pastel range and whilst not as ‘strong’ as red, is still a very strong contender in the vibrancy range. It can represent organised minds, refined outlooks, reserved and calm, and poise – strong but not aggressive and declare an inner beauty to the mind.

Some pink wearers are lucky to don this colour and adorn the youthful look, as it can alter the external appearance, a very good colour for those who wish to be seen as silently comfortable with whom they are.


This is the colour of inspiration, artisticness, uniqueness, difference, respect for others but equally at times arrogance! Not many people feel distinctly comfortable in purple, and so tend to wear varying shades of – lilacs, mauves, violets and lavenders – in many ways it is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, it’s that simple. A remarkably strong colour for the bold and creative!

But also this is the colour for the spiritualists amongst you, those who have the imagination to look further than the mere confines of normal eye sight, yours is to say ‘what if, and when, in comparison to ‘this is the end. Yours is more the this is the real beginning type of belief!

A truly awesomely vibrant colour, it is great by itself for the brave and a daring combo colour for those who wish to simply splash it around a bit especially if the pastels are ignored and the deepest of shades is utilised! The intensity of the purple you wear tells a lot about the depth of your personality to others who look at your choice, each person sees something different.



The yellow wearers amongst us thrive for learning; they enjoy absorbing information and sharing their knowledge with others. They can find happiness easily and love the sunshine of all yellows! In the main they are cheerful souls – this colour can be perceived as being too cheeky or frivolous so be careful how you wear it, and if needs be wear it as a splash colour rather than a main colour.

Truly a beautifully vibrant colour that both excites and stimulates the brain and creating mental astuteness!

Yellow offers hope, original thought, insight and inquisitiveness, illuminations, cheerfulness and fun, not forgetting daring and risk…


Such a playful gregarious colour, worn by those whom are very different in their thinking and their outlook upon life, a real mixed personality colour adored by children and the young at heart! It’s a great blending colour and can mix and match with virtually all colours, turning the boring into adventurous and the bold into daredevils! Just be careful to not wear too much orange and give the impression that you have been tangoed!

It is said that when you wear orange you can get away with saying anything …



From the sombre khakis to the luminous brightest, green has such freshness to it! It is an instant calmer as well as karma thinker! It represents paganism, druidism and nature loving and it fills the swatch palette with more than 50 shades of spice and natural your head can spin!

Army greens can make you appear strict, rigid a stickler for regime and routine, whilst the likes of sea green, forest greens and emerald greens can award the feeling of harmony, balance and growth. It is a peace making colour, and one of extreme positivity – but as with most colours be wary as to how much you wear in case you are mistaken for a leprechaun – although they can be remarkably lucky which is another added incentive for wearing lots of green – think clover!

Pastels & Vibrant made up for 45% of the vote which is not that far from the popular trio.



Finally we come to the browns, a colour which many people shoot down for being if anything stagnant and yet if this is the case why do we see so many brown shoes, bags, belts and suits?

Brown offers stability, wealth, security, protection and seriousness, but there are many shades of brown from the deeply bold to the autumnal russets and coppers. Don’t be put off by brown, but look at the very delightful bounce it can offer the patient.

Brown is practical, reliable, sound and solid, approachable and friendly, frugal and honest, sensual, sensitive and warm and sincerely genuine!

Don’t ever be ashamed to wear brown – whilst society and the fashion mentors at times can consider it to be dull and boring, truth be known it can often be quite surprising!

So there we have it, a brief guide into your colours… so who are you, and what do you favour?

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger

Classic Eggshell Moments

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