Dancing In The Grey



Dancing In the Grey – Life with My Aspergers

From next year l shall be starting a new series based on my book of the same name.

For those who follow both this blog and A Guy Called Bloke the designs and the poetry will all start to make a bit more sense.

My book is a self published book, that whilst read by a handful of people, never made it any further than that – because l was never finished with the finished product. So figured ‘Ah to hell with it!’ Let’s just show it to the readership as a series within this blog.

Series Contents

1] The Rise of the NeuroAspie

2] Normal to Special Overnight

3] Other Mask Wearer’s like me

4] Dumb Jokes and Boring Stories

5] Differing Shades of Grey

6] The Lost Years

7] The Best Years of Your Life

8] 50 and Aspergic, Not stupid and 4

9] Anyone for Monotony

10] One if Glad to be of Service

11] Hyper Sexuality Vs Hyper Sensitivity: Feeding Curiosity

12] My Cup Spilleth Over

13] Don’t ask me to mask up

14] She’s all that

15] I see Grey people

14] Hidden Chapters of yesterday

17] Walking on Eggshells

Thanks for reading.

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger



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