Welcome To The World Of Snarkwittery!


Welcome To The World Of Snarkwittery!

I believe that l have an extraordinary sense of humour albeit at times, it is remarkably dry and can be misinterpreted as ‘caustic or castic’ like sarcaustic and sarcastic and my usual response to that is ‘Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but and yet the highest form of intelligence!” And that means to the novice that many, many a time consider my humour to be too droll, or unkind and not particularly funny!

I do disagree; my humour is available to all who appreciate the dryness of good sandpaper! People sadly misunderstand humour – sarcasm in its truest beauticious form is basically a cynical ironical outlook on life, whilst humour or wit is perceived as being clever connectivity between those outlooks – one persons’ wit is another s’ sarcasm and vice versa!

But what is ‘Snarkwittery’ when that’s at home with the kids? Well, that is snide and remark combined together to make one word! When l am not being snarky, l am being sarky, and if not sarky, then sauky, and if not sauky, well then, then l am being funny, but can you tell which is which?

AspieflapperTo be accused by one many years ago to not having a sense of societal humour, l actually found highly amusing to begin with and upon laughing at what l thought the joke actually was, was then considered inappropriate in my behaviour – yes, l know ‘go figure’ right?

Everyone is of course extremely different, after all it’s their prerogative to be different, to be younique to NOT be the same as me, or the next person and so the chain continues, as they say ‘you meet one person with autism, well, you have only met one person with autism!’ This is the truism – we are ALL different, so my humour will be different to say John, who will be different to Sally, who will be different to Rachel or Adam and it goes on, and on. However, the funny thing about humour is that it will always be funny to the person who considers it to be worth a laugh, so therefore it is funny to begin with!

AspieZedOffI can be told 100 jokes, and now at my age l will probably get 88% of them, go back 30 years and l may only have got 50% if l was lucky. But in my early 20’s the humour back then for my own age bracket was different to the humour of my latest years and yet, l still find funny the jokes of back then! Truth is, these days in my early to mid-fifties l am now considered and consider myself to be more street wise and societal savvy!

In my teens, my understanding of certain humour was even less than that 50%, l seriously struggled with not just understanding the most basic of humour but understanding sometimes the most basic of people! At school, humour for me was very different than for my peers! And sometimes sadly with the most disastrous of results!

I clearly recall being ridiculed and bullied at school, because l said that l liked to act like Dick Emery who was an incredibly funny comedian who was the main host to The Dick Emery show and was always saying “You are awful but l like you!” Sadly at the time l was living in Australia, and my peers only saw this humour as some kind of admission from me to being blatantly homosexual, which l wasn’t! Bloody shy for sure, but that’s all!

When young, the lads hated me, and the girls found me cute, so my humour back then served me well as a court jester, and slowly and surely l managed to turn everyone’s attitude around to my benefit! But it was bloody hard work, being funny all the time and crying inside!

Due to my Father’s career we moved around a lot as a family, and so l already had enough to contend with regarding laying foundations and basically just growing up. Before my teens, l had lived in Australia, from the UK and Malaysia and then back to Australia! Getting used to not just new people, but new traditions and cultures, communications, schools and education and of course their humour!

Sarcastic Crayons

In the early 70’s as a youngster and l was born in 1963, so l was a youngster, l found life pretty hard. I was growing up in an already 100% dysfunctional family unit. In my eyes my Father was a complete and utter nut job; my younger Sister was an alien to me, whilst my loving Mother always seemed to be ill! Back then, in the household there was no talk of Aspergers and the only reference to Autism, was my Mother making reference to a young ‘strange boy’ down the road, who was ‘autistic!?’ With my own Father stipulating that his own bloody Son was a strange retarded kind of lad who he was sure wasn’t his! My Father back then, never understood me, let alone my humour, and in truth, l never understood him, nor his humour so on that level we were equally as oddballish as the next one!

What l do know in retrospect is this – l do have a sense of humour, it’s not something which is lost, l simply adore to laugh, love laughing and laughter and if something is funny, and l mean really funny, of course l am going to bloody laugh! Over the years, and upon my life experiences and reflections of living in the world, l have come to learn what being funny is both about and allowed, and l say now to those who ask if l have a sense of humour?



“Test me, say something funny to me, chances are, l will laugh at it … if it is funny and it doesn’t bore me!”

The designs within this post are things l have genuinely said to people over the years that they don’t find funny, but l do! Many a time people just look at me oddly and that can be before l have even told my joke! I don’t deny having an quirky or should l say Kwerky outlook on my life and my Aspergers and if anyone can laugh about my autism, who better to carry out that task than me? We need to always be able to laugh at ourselves.

Life’s too short to be continually glum and droll, and worry about the woes in life – we all should just take a time to ponder on the grim realities of living on this planet and sadly, yes sadly there are folks far worse off than l, or you, or us … it pays to remember this. These specific designs will not be everyone’s cup of tea and yet, strangely they sell, so l guess l am tickling someone’s funny bone, eh?

DontboremeRory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger

Ps: These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

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