Never Too Small to Make a Difference!


Never Too Small to Make a Difference!

I have been environmentally motivated for a good many years now and hold strong beliefs and opinions about the preservation of our planet and the conservation of our animal species. I am both an avid and keen recycler and upcycler, passionate vegetable gardener with a very lucrative compost system and active supporter of various eco-friendly schemes. Where possible we try and buy produce from local resources and when using outside sellers always deal with fair trade companies.

We also endeavour and have achieved quite successfully over the last three years to reduce our usage of chemical to nearly zero. We do not use chemical in any of our washing or cleaning. Our overall aim is to minimise our impactive footprint on the environment to the best of our abilities.

Our garden is a safe ecosystem for nature and where possible we try to ensure that everything is naturally simplistic.

Mankind may well be slowly killing our world, society killing our way of life, but together we do have the powers and the technologies to pave the way for a brighter future and more so if we start now.

People ask us why we bother with the things we do? Our answer is always the same – because everyone can make a difference if they try, if they believe, then they will. No one is EVER too small to make a difference – you just have to start. And should you want proof of the impact something small can make – try smiling at someone – you could be surprised at just how big a difference you make to their day!


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