Earthen Simplicity


Earthen Simplicity …  Autumn’s Fallen

Sacrificed in the millions and not a look do we spare,
Think not do we, but expect them to be there,
Yet when they are, do we give them but a glance?
Only in autumn do we see their frenzied dance!
Refugees of the barrens, they do but become,
Dying in the droves, as soon as winter shuns,

But do we see them well when they are in full fruit?
A myriad of exciting colours swaying in salute,
Proud to be bold adventurers of the higher wonders,
Blissfully unaware that soon they will be torn asunder!
Nay ‘tis not often that we seriously appreciate,
These brave rustlers before they do dissipate,

Curse them we do, as they lay dead upon the ground,
Awaiting the winds to blow them into ceremonial mounds,
Think not do we about their life sadly oh so brief,
Nor do we see them ever as a single beautiful leaf,
To us, they are just but life upon the trees,
Serving no other purpose but to dangle helplessly,

See them we do, when enjoying sultry summer days,
Under their shaded cover from the suns’ burning rays,
Acknowledge them we do when protected by their shade,
Praising the stunning foliage, thankful of their display,
Take this time then to consider of their plight to come,
When they are dead and dying and fallen in the autumn!


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”
Lao Tzu

Classic Eggshell Moments is not just about my Aspergers or autism – it is about diversity – of differences and of interests and above everything else it is about my eclecticism and how l see the topics that affect my life interact with my life.

Each of my collections has a story of how it came to be ….

How these environmental designs came to life was the result of an early autumn Sunday walk with my partner and our dog in 2015 when we were on the Isle of Wight. The meadow flowers were clinging onto the vibrancy of their spring lives, equally as much as the leaves of the trees were waving goodbye to the summer radiances and welcoming the arrival of winter. I am sure you know the time l talk of, it is almost like a seasonal limbo when nothing is definite but everything is about change.

We were debating the ins and outs of Classic Eggshell Moments – who the target markets were, what we would be looking to introduce, how the designs and slogans were to appear and what the names of the collections were going to become. Creational ideas and brainstorming were the hot topics of that walk.

My partner had taken some time out to enjoy the fruits of the blackberry bush as is her way, whilst our dog took to sniffing and rooting around in the undergrowth and leaving me to continue thinking whilst looking at nothing but the trees around me.

It was during this moment that something caught my eye …. A single leaf caught up in a spider’s web, just spinning by a single thread of silk, such a delicate dance within the foliage. The closer l looked the more detail became visible. A late summer leaf in the midst of its’ life change, the greens just fading and being replaced with the small aging browns, the first signs of decay – the signs of moving on. I was completely caught up in the moment, watching the simplicity of nature, mesmerised by the delicate spinning of a single leaf and it seemed that the world stopped.

It was during this, when my mind just calmed and the collection had found its’ name ‘Naturally Simplistic’ based upon that very leaf tripping the light fantastic back on the Isle of Wight in 2015.

Why do humans feel the need to over complicate everything they are involved with?

I witness this sort of behaviour a lot with autism – there is always a deliberation to widen the goal posts of achievement and make things just a little more difficult to attain – it’s never sadly simple. Mankind adores making simple things awkward. They insist of making things more complicated!

Watching that leaf to the point of total exclusion to the world it reminded me that in truth everything is actually quite simple – it is just society and its people that insist, encourage and motivate simplicity to become perplexing and convoluted!

Of course l am not so naïve to think that everything can be restored or resolved and remedied with the click of the fingers – that would be TOO easy, but so many of the world’s problems could be fixed if the world’s peoples and more importantly governments really wanted to repair the complications here on our earth.

That spinning leaf that day reminded me that ‘no one is ever too small to make a difference’ and that if everyone stood as one and united in their beliefs and convictions – then so many of the world’s troubles could be tackled and perhaps either erased or ironed out and resolved.

Individuals, peoples and their societies can make big differences to the shape of this world if they want to – if they believe they can, they can. But, we all have to start somewhere, we have to not just raise awareness but in some cases create the very awareness needed for some plights.

I often hear people say ‘What can l do? I am too small to make a difference!’ And it reminds me of the quote by the Dalai Lama XIV

*“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”*

Here’s wishing You All A Truly Lovely Day!

Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger

Ps: These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

Classic Eggshell Moments

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