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Rome Wasn’t built in a Day!

TeeMill Update – Classic Eggshell Moments

In the last ten days since Tee Shirt Guy 8 l have been remarkably proactive and l have to concede to being rather pleased with both myself and my achievements so far! The TeeMill shop is really starting to look quite presentable. In comparison to the Redbubble shop’s appearance which was quite clinical, the current shop has a very organic feel to it and not just because it displays and offers organic and ethical fashion fabrics, but more because it allows for a much softer approach to retailing online.

I have made further significant changes to Redbubble also. Now all this shop offers is ‘Stickers’ and that is it, no longer do l even offer Tote Bags from this store. I did make a small mention to that in the last episode, but it was mostly a side note to myself for pondering. And ponder l did, in fact l pondered so hard about it, l decided the very next day to remove the bags from the outlet and purely run with the main selling item – Stickers. I also streamlined that collection and cut it back from 71 designs to 51.

This decision was based upon facts that l already had with the stores’ statistics, so l am not bothered by the manoeuvre as l firmly believe it to be sound. Time will tell …

… but time always tells!

Twitter advertising is as it was although l have stabilised on three adverts a day, and purely treat both that platform and Facebook the same way – they are business only. I run only the Sticker adverts through both mediums purely just to keep the brand name active in people’s minds whilst l attend to the uploading and titifying on the new TeeMill store, which is thankfully running on schedule and will be completed come the end of March.

Which can’t happen quick enough as my workload is just getting heavier ..

I have signed up to take three online home courses which MUST be completed in 6 months, or one completed every 8 weeks, and my first one was to start today, so after this post l will spend a few hours going over my first twenty questions for this next two week period.

They are government funded courses, so in other words freebies, so l thought ‘Well why the hell not?’

Principles of Customer Service

Equality & Diversity

Understanding Autism

Additionally at the end of the month and with the commencement of April, l have signed up to a new business venture from home – known as Kleeneze – perhaps not glamorous, but many years ago l did work it, so am familiar with the concept, but in addition to the much abhorred door to door delivering of booklets and home orders, it should ‘technically’ bring me in a small income and may open other doors of opportunity. which in essence is why l am taking the three online home courses.

My writing is speeding up, but as much as l can multi-task, l cannot keep up with everything else, whilst l am attending the construction of the new store. Hence why l will be keen for this to be completed so l can balance my writing again.

In addition my partner is looking at starting her own home based business with Amazon and would like my help with that as well, so it’s all going to be full on throttle over the following months.

I spent 8 hours last night working on this blog, correcting all the broken links and replacing old image designs with the new ones and l have completed this task by an astounding 95%. There are literally only a handful of designs/posts that need correcting now. But l am one of those people that shout at the screen when going to another website and the links are broken, so this was important and critical work for both my mentality and my damning OCD.

The work with the new store albeit faster now l am getting into swing of keyword and hashtag companionships is still frightfully boring, even to a chap like me that adores repetitive work! BUT it is starting to take shape, and l now only have two main collections to pad out.

Most of the Collections themselves have changed names now:


Just Bee

All Natural

No Planet B

Stop – Think – Act – Now





Bags of Expression

I am seriously pleased with the introduction of the children’s section, as in Redbubble the designs and fabrics lent little weight to seeing the designs play out effectively for this market grouping. Bags of Expression is not a new collection, although there are only five available colours for the bags themselves but at least you have the ability to toggle your colour if you are not happy with my displayed choice.

The slogans admittedly look better on the tee shirts the way they are in TeeMill than the way they looked in Redbubble and in truth the designs just seem to ‘sit better’ on the garments in both the dashboard and when they are presented to the viewer. so this is excellent.

All in all, l am getting there with the completion [65% completed] and looking forward to the end as the product descriptions as said have become a tiring chore.

Hopefully, this decision to spend £10 pcm will not have been a bad one, but hey as they say you need to speculate to accumulate and accumulate to speculate, and as l love to say Rome wasn’t Built in a Day!


The next episode should be the last one concerning the update of the store, and then l can return to writing, as l have materials and ideas building up. Anyway, thanks for reading.

The Tee Shirt Blogger

Tee Shirt Guy 8


Product Descriptions

Week 1 of New Store Changes … Classic Eggshell Moments Teemill

In last week’s post Tee Shirt Guy 7.2  l left you all with the knowledge that l was embarking on the uploading of all the remaining designs into the TeeMill store, and l have been very busy this last week with doing just that. I know judging by how long it has taken me and with the small amount achieved that it WILL in fact take me to the end of this month to have the store where l want it to be, and so am not advertising anything from this collective just yet, as there is simply so much in the way of titivation to be performed.

If honest l have to concede to it being a little gruelling, not a hardship but at times awkward because of the ‘product descriptions‘ or for want of a more detailed word ‘SEO’ = search engine optimisations’.

This is proving very hard, and quite possibly why it will take me to the end of the month to get the collections ready for advertising. Of course l understand only too well why we need them. Everybody wants to hold a ‘top Google spot‘ in search, so l cannot deny the logistics of it. But l can say that it is proving at times quite tasking.

Google is the most popular search engine because it is the very best at finding and optimising genuine search results for a surfer’s querying mind. Their algorithms are set at such a determining style so that they can source out the very best in content – it is these configurations and not people who make the best decisions in analysing what is considered to be quality content. It always comes back to automated systems such as the infamous spiders and bots which only exist to gather information on websites. These as said are NOT people, they are more efficient in fact they are hyper efficient, they are not working with emotion, they show no empathy, they are if anything almost Spartan like in their behaviour – they’re brutal!

The way our world is today with social media, Internet technology and other media platforms, these little Spartans rely heavily upon words, descriptive words, definitive and detailed words, content words, they love words, and they remind me of the old Pac Man game chomping their way through the mazes, and that is what these little bots are doing, they chomp, absorb and discard crap, rubbish and flotsam which they regard as ‘simply not good enough!’

So making sure l use the right words, and write relatively good and quality content is going to be paramount to me having my Tee Shirts spotted by Google.

Quality Writing is therefore not just important but paramount to my success, and that is why l will not be bothering to advertise any of my product content just yet through social media platforms, but await the uploading of all the designs and then l can aestheticize  to my heart’s content.

I love writing personally, but l hate [like most people] writing content descriptions, because l suck at it, it is that simple – it can take me much longer to write a good quality content piece than some posts!

SEO content writing to me is similar to online dating profile creation, and if you read my other blog [A Guy Called Bloke] then you will know how l struggled with that whole fiasco!

How l view things – perhaps dare l fall under my own label as an Aspergian, is at times very and significantly different to how another person reacts, and l must take this into consideration if l wish to cease being Google listing 198,676 in the search engines!!

What is a person looking for, what words are they using, what are they thinking, and more importantly, how are they using those words and in what preference? I must ensure that each product SEO is precise and above everything else – very clear, otherwise the Spartan spiders are simply not going to see me through the digital cosmic dust!

So l must ensure that  ..

I use words that people search when describing the product.

I ensure my product descriptions are clear and honest,

I write quality content …

… sounds simple and easy enough doesn’t it?

I did a simple search on Classic Eggshell Moments through Google and on that precision wording and these were the top 6 results…

1] This blog – The Tee Shirt Blogger
2] The That Gal, That Guy series [This blog]
3] This blog – The Tee Shirt Blogger
4] ClassicEggshell/Redbubble
5] Images for Classic Eggshell Moments
6] @ClassicEggshell Twitter

So in truth l am not that upset, TeeMill products wasn’t listed in that page, but then l am not specifically advertising any of the ranges there yet, and it only turned up when l added the word Teemill to the end of Classic Eggshell Moments.

BUT and this is a big but, the search was for a very specific brand name and not a range of tee shirts. When l place in the search ‘Autism tee shirts’, l am nowhere to be seen. [Admittedly however l am not purely Autism/Asperger’s although they are big collections within the entire range].

So l have a really big job ahead of me. It was far easier when l ran my old business TSKA Exotics, because l specialised in incredibly exotic animal species, and all one had to place into their search was the species followed by for sale or available and l was the top listing. So l can achieve that kind of status again, but it does need to be worked on.

They say to write great content that adds value to who you are.

Concentrate upon your page titles and product descriptions; choose the right words or what are lovingly referred to as SEO Key phrases. These words need to be big and bold on the page that you are looking to optimise, so that Spartan spiders think ‘Aha!! Here we go!!’

Unlike Redbubble where the SEO optimisation is not NOT important but isn’t the prime focus, well it is, but l think that you can lose sight of that in that system, Teemill really don’t like seeing ‘spammy repeat product descriptions’, and this makes for perfect configurative sense, whereas in Redbubble that is something that you could/can technically get away with. But of course this doesn’t equal sales does it – and l know l discussed this quite heavily in an earlier episode with regards the tote bags.

Hint: Just use the word as the product title and then use it naturally, once say, in the description or paragraph.

The secret to SEO is to describe your products clearly and that is something l MUST optimise later this month, currently l am simply focusing on getting the collection into situ, which is the most important aspect for the moment.

In addition, according to Teemill l must make my spiel engaging and approachable because this is what the surfer wants? Which l do actually struggle with, personally l don’t give three monkeys whether there is an attractive product description or not. I buy mostly online these days, and so when l am looking for something to wear l have a very defined set of criteria which needs to be met.

1] Illustration design
2] Colour
3] Style, fit and comfort
4] Price

If there is friendly banter attached, l don’t really care, but maybe l am the odd one out? I mean do you read the banter on a product description or are you just governed by image alone?

However, Teemill heavily suggests that this makes for a healthier buying experience, perhaps as the techy fashion team is way younger than me, and NO l am not being ageist, but honest, l am a tee shirt seller in my mid-fifties and most of the other sellers are in their early to late twenties and thirties. This is not obviously including the charities which use Teemill as they will already have very established SEO’s already.

So how am l to know? Perhaps l am a relic of tradition, otherwise known as ‘old fashioned’.

Of course the other things which will aid sales exponentially are how you manage your PR, promotions, advertising and branding. Currently l use Twitter and Facebook, and have recently wondered if l should be looking at Instagram. I need to be proactive in my marketing of the goods. I need to start looking at other avenues, and maybe relatable content matches, but more on this at a later time in the series.

I am surrounded in WordPress alone by a glut of really useful bloggers who also write about these topics with passion, so as soon as l have more time l will be reading their content almost religiously!

The biggest thing about SEO is quality, not quantity … and time, as they said, say and even l say Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t rush me!’

Catch Up

A lot of the range and style features in Teemill are very attractive almost candy like to the eyes, not so much specifically colour choice which is great for tee shirts but very reduced for the likes of tote bags, but arrangements if you wish on how you can best display your clothing lines and l have been playing around and sampling those this week.

One feature that as an example Redbubble used to have but discarded it for more of a universal approach, of if you have a design with white text, whilst you could place it into a dark background product, instead of having the option to toggle out white goods, they removed that, so white products could either be displayed with the white text or the designer simply opted to NOT have that design present. In Teemill, you have the ability toggle white out of the presentation completely, and whilst this is small it is still significant!


Pawtism – Kids

They have a marvellous ‘Kids’ selection and for the first time l have been able to display some of the designs onto this genre so am quite pleased.

Plus they have more over all flexibility with the dashboard when it comes to the designs and as of yet l have only played with around 30% of all the applications, so have more to explore.


NeuroTees Collection

From the start of this week to yesterday evening l had managed to upload l guess around 18% of my overall design range, so still a fair way to go, but as l am becoming more and more familiar with the basic dashboard upload, l now know how things work so, my speed should increase for the coming weeks.

But for the first week l am displaying perhaps 30 assorted designs over a good style range of product and as small as that it, l am actually really pleased, and so much so even with the reduced colour range available on totes l am thinking of also adding the say What You Mean range of tote bag slogans across.

More progress updates next time, thanks for reading

The Tee Shirt Blogger






Blogger Appreciation Award 2018 Nomination


Blogger Appreciation Award 2018 Nomination

My thanks go to my friend Kat of Family Furore for her nomination of The Tee Shirt Blogger for this award. She humbles me with her comments of appreciation for this blog, and upon reading did happen to take a glance around my den here to see if there was someone else in the room!

Kat writes a wonderfully heartfelt blog of her travels and journey with her daughter Jessie who suffers with anxiety, PTSD and Bipolar as not just her Mother and carer, but equally and perhaps more importantly and significantly as her friend. Her story is written through her own eyes, her interpretation, her struggles and frustrations with the system and shares the disappointments of life’s knocks alongside her daughter.

She writes so that others can relate with her experiences, she writes for her own sanity, her own therapy and so that others hopefully can relate and come to understand that despite the width and breadth of our world, none of us are ever truly alone with our problems. This is a blog of warmth, understanding and friendship, and does welcome all.

We all have mental health, it can be good and bad however some may think, we all have it. Anxiety, depression and stress don’t just walk hand in hand anymore, our societies move too fast, now mental health problems run alongside us at speed.

Family Furore is the blog, that is just one part of this story, the other parts are Jessie and Kat, but more so Kat who is a truly genuine and beautiful soul, who likes to laugh, has empathy for at times the whole world and their Grannies and really does enjoy people. Learning about them, coming to understand them and accepting them.

Also, keep a look out for Kats new blog appearing on a horizon near to you soon!

The Rules


♦ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their site.
♦ Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.
♦ Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.
♦ Use the Blogger Appreciation Award image.

Positive Paragraph

I always struggle horribly with this section, and this may well be one of the biggest stumbling blocks of many nominees – because none of us apart from the vain enjoy promoting ourselves to this degree. It can be humbling enough when someone else is singing my praises as l am not a man who feels at all comfortable with being complimented at best of time.

I am honest, sometimes brutally so, l like life in the black and white which is awkward considering we live in a grey world, l like to laugh and enjoy humour. I love diversity in all it’s glory, but more importantly l like to hear about others’ stories and their accomplishments and l love to acknowledge them for it.

My Nominees

I am not on this blog currently as much as l would like to be, spending time on my other blogs whilst l work on the business itself so that l can spend more time writing here. I do however read the posts that the bloggers here post albeit in my email, but can be tardy when it comes to logging into this site and ticking like to the posts l have read.


Joseph Beech

Chewing on Glass


The Colour of Madness

Success Inspirers World


My sincere thanks to you all for what you do here!




Tee Shirt Guy 7.2



Since l last wrote in this series [ Tee Shirt Guy 7 ] l have swung into action fully on the CARTE strategy and in truth so far so good, since writing on the 21st February l have sold five items, okay all of them were stickers, but l knew that was potentially going to happen, as all l sell now via Redbubble is stickers and totes, so l cannot sound surprised!

Twitter/Facebook now reflect the new campaign in its simplicity, there is nothing fancy about the advertising. In Twitter l can attach three of the designs per Tweet whilst in Facebook l can attach six.

Monday to Friday l place  3 – 4 adverts on each platform, and the designs displayed are different to each platform to offer variety to the audience. So in essence Facebook have a total of between 18 – 24 designs per day, with Twitter displaying 9 – 12 different designs. The Just Words Collection comprises of 73 separate designs meaning that over two days, l am showing the full collection. Once of course l have the Teemill collections up and running, l can display a bit more diversity to the advertising.

Over the weekend, l am opting to only run 2 adverts on each platform as the little knowledge l have with regards statistics actually show that my main bulk of sales occur over the Monday to Friday part of the week itself.

Most of my current sales l firmly believe come through from Twitter although l have no direct means of knowing if this is true or not considering that l am organically marketing in comparison to buying boosts and therefore having a reliable analytics system in place.

Equally l have no way of knowing if any sales are from the WordPress audience, although with the statistics l have here on my dashboard, at this present time l would have to say that WP traffic is minimal. Once l have the two stores stable again, l think this will change.

No one ever comments in either platform advertisement so guesses are down to speculation. Buyers hardly ever pass comment on their Redbubble purchase, although one buyer did.

They bought the design below, one of the most popular selling designs and left me a Heart in the messages. Which although small is still kind of encouraging. I have no idea who they are, except they come from Woodstock in the United States.

The advert to support the Just Words Collection is basic but efficient for the time being.


Just Words Collection!
… Bags of Expression!

#AutismAwareness #Autism #aspergers #Stickers #totebag


It’s simple, it’s direct, it’s to the point, and so far it is effective!

From Monday l will be concentrating on uploading all the designs into the recently upgraded Teemill store. Creating 9 new collections and placing 37 designs into the ranges of organic and sustainable fashion clothing and tote bags. I estimate that this will probably take me till the end of the month. I am admittedly looking forward to this as Teemill do offer a different range of styles  to Redbubble.

A new advertising campaign will have to be configured for these ranges, although in truth this too, should be relatively easy and simple, no need to over complicate it.

Once everything is done, my OCD will take over and l will have to go through all my old posts here and correct them with new links and new images … oh goody!

I am eager to start writing here again, and l have a few articles and topics that l am looking to pad out and expand upon and not just this one series.

Anyway, this was just an update, so finally the ball is moving.

Thanks for reading.

The Tee Shirt Blogger


Tee Shirt Guy 7.1


A La C.A.R.T.E! – Critical Action Radical Thought Extractions!

Since the posts of Tee Shirt Guy 6.1 and Tee Shirt Guy 6.2 were written l had decided to take a different stance, to see how the new ‘Radical Colour Changes‘ sat with the shop, me, the collections and more importantly the buyer. In order to contemplate the proposed strategy to move the hobby business forward l also decided to change the way l advertised in my social marketing platforms for the same period of time.

Previously l had dedicated 5 adverts a day spread out for the UK and US market demograph over a period of 15 hours on the day highlighting the different collections. I took a different approach, and this meant for the month of February l planned to reduce the amount of advertising from 5 to maximum 3 platform adverts. I am an organic marketer so do not specifically rely on buying promoted or boosted slots.

I knew l would have to revise the way l advertised the product lines so to take a slower approach wasn’t going to kill me or the business, whilst l reviewed more pressing matters.

With so little ‘platform advertising’ l also wished to see if this made a significant difference. Prior to this time with a relatively heavy advertising campaign my sales from September 2017 – December 2017 as an example had been minimal. So what would happen if l stepped away from the platform advertising for a while?

The results were astonishing!!

Are you ready?

No difference at all, not in the slightest. The last sale l made for the shop was on the 19th December 2017 of a sticker from the Just Words Collection which l made a whopping 16p profit from. Two months on from that date, as in the 19th February 2018, l made another sale of another sticker from the exact same collection!

The only upbeat aspect is unlike the first sale of a sticker two months previously where l made 16 pence profit, this sale made me 24 pence profit, because of the price hike of three weeks ago!

Don’t get me wrong, 24p is still way better than 0p and way more better than a kick in the gonads with a pair of studded hob nail boots! So it is not that l am ungrateful.


But one sale in two months of a sticker – my buyer was from the States – so whoever you are – my genuine thanks for your confidence and belief in my product, is hardly motivational and if l wasn’t of particularly sound mind, l might decide to go on some kind of frustrated mental rampage!


The fact is that whilst this sale may appear to be tiny, the actuality is quite the opposite – it is mighty in so far as significant and telling. Two months, reduced advertising and it produced one sale, so in essence no real difference to two months’ worth of heavy advertising – one sticker, or now two stickers in four months.

This isn’t specifically a case of me doing something wrong, but more a verification of too high a postage on products heavier than a sticker put people off purchasing – perfectly logical.

Radical colour swatch changes made not the slightest iota of difference to the shop, people buy stickers and occasionally a Tote bag from me in Redbubble and that is it – so if that is what my buyer mostly wants – what the bloody hell am l doing with all the other collections and product ranges on display? People look at them, BUT they don’t buy them, they only buy stickers!


The sticker that sold is below[displayed on a Tote], and perhaps it served as a form of wake up and smell the coffee you muppet! Because l did wake up, and although l didn’t smell beans, l was certainly quite inspired by this small and tiny yet mighty sale!

“Asperger’s – The Thinking Person’s World”


For the three weeks of observing and doing very little advertising, l had been occupying myself with my other two blogs, and in truth having more fun! That was a sad realisation in itself, after all, l started the tee shirt business because l thought it would be not just challenging, but fun! So far all it has really gifted me is challenge and not even satisfying at that, just one big obstacle to try and hurdle! But taking the positive from the negative, the challenge is to improve it all!

24 pence profit – not huge by any means or margins, but quite richly rewarding in its ability to speak to me quite brutally and loudly! Something had to be done, strategized and implemented quickly, hence CARTE was born!

A La C.A.R.T.E! – Critical Action Radical Thought Extractions!

Sure, it’s a mouthful and sounds like something Thunderbirds’ Virgil Tracy would create, hence why l only use the term CARTE.

Things had to change dramatically and that included long range plans. So the following was instantly actioned over the last 24 hour period. If l thought l was being stylishly radical before, now l came to realise that l had to be powerfully radical, no more pussy footing around for this Tee Shirt Guy!

1] I may be crazy, but stupid, l‘m not!

Initially l was looking at a five year plan for this business, well not any more, now l have reduced that down drastically to a period of 18 months from this March, so if by September 2019 with all changes, including an increase in careful demographic advertising using social media, this blog and a host of other marketing goodies, tactical strategy and so on, l am no closer to anything remotely sexy then that’s is it, l am pulling the plug and calling it quits.

I briefly discussed the idea of migrating the designs into other stores last time l wrote in this series, but let’s be honest, what is THE point of running several stores if nothing is really selling in two existing ones? That needed to be examined.

So l have now decided to only have two stores, and these are the ones l already have, but to think smarter and think prime demography.

2] Redbubble store

If only stickers and totes sell in this store then that is all that needs to be displayed here.

This store has success with only one collection this being what was formerly known as Just Words, then changed to Think Aspergers and now renamed Just Words Collection. It comprises of the slogan designs like the one above, it is the mainstay seller – so this is OBVIOUSLY whether l like it or not, the best location to have this stock line displayed for the time being.

Redbubble is unforgiving on postage and packaging on its buying market, which is why l sell predominately stickers here. [They are lighter and therefore cheaper to send out] So, l needed to capitalise on that.

Sales strategies from this point onwards will only concentrate on stickers and totes and only from this collection. The last 14 months of trading confirm this to me in the sales figure percentages:

Stickers 75%
Tote Bags 18%
Tee Shirts 7%

At least with this decision finalised, l can now resume advertising on the social medium platforms with some frequency with regards this collection, knowing buyers are still going to be purchasing the Asperger’s slogans range which by all accounts is their favourite product range.

Now l have at least one collection that enjoys some kind of sales activity, albeit small for now.

3] Designs Extraction

The last time l wrote, Redbubble was carrying my entire collection of designs which numbered just over 200 which included the 68 slogan designs from the Just Words Collection. Now after 24 hours of cutting down, reducing and eliminating from Redbubble the following applies:

All designs with white text taken off collections, and discarded, these are not proving to be popular.

8 design collections reduced to 1 collection only – Just Words Collection.

All ‘illustrated’ designs to be migrated to TeeMill.

That’s it, one collection in Redbubble only, no more than that.

The end result is that it looks smoother, but more importantly easier to manage. It is beyond pointless displaying the full product range to buyers who are in the main only really interested in stickers from a certain collection.

4] Collection Extraction

Whilst Redbubble only has one collection on display, the other collections will be relocated into the TeeMill shop site. Where upon they will sit on 100% cotton, organic cotton and bamboo cottons.

There will be no totes on offer; it will purely be clothing merchandise lines.

5] TeeMill store

As they say you cannot speculate till you accumulate and you cannot accumulate till you speculate, so for the next 18 months l will speculate. I have decided to pay the £10 monthly fee to TeeMill to extend my design capability.

Currently under the free ‘user’ model l am allowed to display 15 products, with the monetary payment l can extend this to 500 products which means that l can display all my other collections: Taboo, Cruelty Free, Mental Health, Planet Earth, Pawtism, Naturally Simplistic, Think Bee and the now greatly reduced Autism awareness.

The current plan is ‘free’ and allows for this:

“Everything you need to successfully sell t-shirts online. You can build and customise an online store, add designs and start selling while we print and ship in real time. The essential features are free and always will be.”

• Create up to 15 products
• Web store, print on demand
• All the essential features
• Totally free

However the TeeMillpro @£10pcm allows for this:

“Advanced features that take stores to the next level in professionalism, or connect up to other apps and web services take time to code and integrate. Upgrade your account to access these features.”

• Create up to 500 products
• Custom pricing, custom packaging
• All the best features and apps
• Ship orders to customers same day
• Customised packaging
• Customer design studio
• Currency converters
• Set your own prices
• Create products with front and back prints
• Priority shipping
• Google translator/analytics
• Sell blank garments

So in essence quite a significant difference to Redbubble, and to boot all on totally ethically sourced garments which is kinder to the market which is why l originally decided to roll with TeeMill in 2015, but at the time they were launching the concept and there were quite a few teething problems, which have now been successfully ironed out.

So, from March 1st, l will be subscribing for this ‘pro’ service and come the end of March 2018, and once all designs are uploaded and titivated l will start to advertise heavily the organic store merchandise.

One excellent benefit to using TeeMill is that l am awarded a higher natural profit of between £2.50 – £5.00 per item sold, and this means that l will be finally able to offer buyers promotions and discounts, and run special codes. But l will also be able to donate 10% sales to my favourite charity should l make suitable sales. These are excellent features!

There are a few tiny flaws to using TeeMill:

Reduced colour ranges for available products:

But it does mean that l can choose which colours l have behind my designs which Redbubble axed as an option in 2017, making some designs look insipid.

Set and specific product descriptions:

This is quite possibly one of the hardest things to make work. In Redbubble, you can simply place in an ad hoc description for many products at once, whereas in TeeMill, they are quite pedantic about individual descriptions per product.


Men’s Bamboo Beetee

“Save the Bees from Extinction – Bee Happy or Bee Extinct – your choice, l know what l would rather it Bee! Remarkably comfortable, soft and sensitive to the skin. Bamboo casual tee for men. Bee proud to show your support.”570284bc885466.03235062_3695382_640xauto

Women’s Bamboo Beetee

“What would you rather Bee Keeper or Bee Killer? We would rather Bee Happy than Bee Extinct! Bee Comfortable and look great at the same time in deliciously soft and beautifully crafted soft Bamboo fabric, the closest you can get to a second skin!


As you can see, both designs are actually the same – BUT each description must be different, very different.

So that will really mean l will have to really put on my thinking cap!

But if l look at the positive element, it does mean that each advert is significantly uniquely advertised in its own right.

So, there l have it CARTE means seriously radical changes and rethinking of strategies.

From the first week of April l will be starting to properly advertise the full Classic Eggshell Moments collection and at least now l can resume the Just words advertising and more importantly start to relax again and write a few more posts for this blog.

In Part 8, l will be discussing ‘Product Descriptions’ so until then, thanks for reading all 

The Tee Shirt Blogger

Classic Eggshell Moments

Green Thinking


Green Thinking

We all know the pitfalls and perils of the plastic problem; it’s globally plaguing the world.

We are overrun with plastics, but equally what some people don’t look at is that we are overrun with rubbish as well, litter, refuse, scrap, debris, dross and whatever other terms we can find that describe the issues we have with discarded goods and waste products.

I say this because someone recently said to me, “Well it’s only plastic that’s the major problem isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not just that, which is bad enough by itself, it’s the garbage that society throws away in this disposable world we live in as well. People don’t seemingly care anymore, they just throw away everything, and not always in the right places!”

It will take us years upon years to clean up our act; too much damage has already been done, we are becoming a society of people’s who apparently never give a second thought to how we offload what we don’t want anymore and leave it for someone else to tidy up after us.

I live in a coastal village, we are not a town, but we have around 800 households, we are not really a true rural village, more of an urban village, just outside of Deal, in Kent. We are bigger than a hamlet. However, it doesn’t really matter what size we are, because the litter we have here is as bad as the town of Deal, or would be if it wasn’t for the diligence of litter pickers.

We are not a tourist spot per se, but we do have a large seasonal traffic from the months of March through to October every year because of the rural walking and rambling, the golf club, the small beach which connects to Walmer, some nice pubs, the large camp site and the holiday village and of course one mustn’t forget the residents of the village themselves.

The villages of Kingsdown and St Margaret’s sit in-between Dover a coastal town at one end and Deal at the other. We are around 40 minutes away from the city of Canterbury, and yet despite neither of the two villages being tourist spots we do see during the season, extremely high visitor traffic which can number in the thousands.

During the off season periods of November to end February, whilst the village itself is quieter and the visitor traffic is slower we still see large numbers of walkers and cyclers coming through.

Recently l read in the village monthly booklet, that two of the local parish council litter pickers were being sacked, because the council decided the money could be better used elsewhere. They were long serving to this village, and had been for ten years, and whilst they didn’t earn a huge amount of money [£1100 per annum] for the minimum of 2 days per week at a minimum of 8 hours a day, they alongside a couple of volunteers managed to keep the village tidy.

Their contract will end in March of this year, and this of course has upset the local residents immensely because they alongside myself and my partner know only too well how quickly rubbish builds up when nothing is being done.

The Parish council has decided that volunteers alone will attend to the litter, and yet has made no plans what so ever in taking steps to actually organize anything.

My partner and l upon reading this distressing news, found ourselves only the next day on our morning dog walk, talking with one of the volunteers who we happened across along one of the quieter roads performing her civic duty in litter picking.

As l have aged l have become more concerned with the state of our planet, of our countryside, of the earth as a whole and as l say sometimes in my advertising spiel, there is no Plan[et] B, so it is down to us to ensure that the planet we have is kept tidy, and we must all do out bit.

Can you imagine if every single person actually did their bit? Each time someone ventured outside their house to enjoy a walk, or the countryside and they each took a bag with them and collected just one bag of trash, what a difference that alone would make?

Programmes like Blue Planet 2, hosted by David Attenborough have helped enormously raising the much needed awareness to the plights our planet faces, and of course this awareness has promoted the negative aspect of the plastic pollution we face each and every day and of course the uttermost damage we are causing to our wildlife, nature and life in general.

Great! People are more aware and yet still every second of everyday people continue to drop litter and discard waste like it doesn’t matter.

Suze and l, decided that we would do our bit, and so every day this last week since meeting the volunteer litter picker on Tuesday we have gone out with a large plastic bag and picked up litter during the dog walking.

My Aspergian mind always keen on counting has mentally logged the volumes of rubbish we have collected since we started.

07/02 – Wednesday Morning – 37 pieces
08/02 – Thursday Morning – 45 pieces
09/02 – Friday Morning – 39 pieces
10/02 – Saturday Morning – 53 pieces

So in 4 days at roughly 45 minutes a walk the two of us have collected from a variety of routes a total of 174 separate pieces of rubbish, and l can say that 30% of that rubbish was picked up outside residential homes? So whilst so called caring residents complain about the sad and sorry state of rubbish in their village, perhaps they too should look closer to home and not just the state of public rural paths.

One of the biggest banes of my life and an insult to me as a caring and responsible dog owner is the behaviour of fellow dog walkers who care not for picking up the poo from their own animals. Many will cry and have done that if their dog is off-lead then they cannot follow them into the shrubbery and whilst l will not disagree with this, this is no excuse for not collecting up after the dogs if they are off lead but walk in front of you or even dogs who like my own on lead. But people don’t, in fact many don’t even consider this to be a waste issue they need to worry about?

Dog faeces are harmful to children and members of the public, it contains bacteria and the biggest health risk is toxocariasis which is an infection of the round worm. I am oft baffled by these so called caring dog owners and their negligence.

Dog shit is still litter.

Worse than that is when dog owners actually bag the dog poop, but instead of carrying it to a bin, they simply drop the bag on the ground on the supposed premise of picking it up again on their return trek, and seemingly forget that bag they left for collection, so it stays on the ground until it gradually rots away – providing of course it is in a biodegradable bag to begin with. Others still think it amusing to celebrate doggy Christmas each day and throw their bags into shrubs, bushes and trees so that we see trees with small doggy bags hanging like abandoned decorations?

People defy logic it is that simple, the lack of logical mentality is beyond me at times – l don’t get it?

Suze and l as l have said have in 4 mornings or 3 hours collected 174 pieces of rubbish from pathways, outside houses and rural roadways and the actual range of rubbish varies as well; crisp packets, beer cans, plastic bottles, cigarette packets, sweet wrappers, straws, cardboard, metal, and the list goes on, however we are in February, the off-season, in just over a months’ time we will be at the start of the in-season and then the rubbish will really start to pile high.

I am astonished at the attitude of the general public in many ways, in some cases many people are litter conscious and throw away their rubbish correctly but many more will not. Their attitude is ‘Why should l pick up another persons’ garbage, even if just to take it twenty yards to a bin?’ “It’s not mine, so not my problem!”

Has pride disappeared from people, do they care so very little for the way things are becoming?

Yet, here l am asking these questions of people, but pride starts from the top equally as much as it does from the bottom or the middle. The amount of times l have seen filled to the hilt local council bins, over flowing with rubbish, where society has tried to be responsible only to be horribly let down by the authorities, this same error can be seen in overfilling dog poop bins/

We all have to do something, all of us, our planet isn’t getting bigger, but if we continue to drop litter like tomorrow doesn’t exist it will just get smaller every day.

So now Suze and l are going to be volunteer litter pickers for our village, and before any one cries out, ‘How crazy is that?’ Ask yourself this one little question, who is worse, the person who drops the litter in the first place without a concern for anyone or anything, or the person who cares about the state of the environment and picks it up?

We all need to tread more carefully folks, we need to adopt a much healthier mode of green thinking if we ever hope to achieve a much reduced carbon footprint.

IMG_7279Because this just happens naturally doesn’t it?


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Other Aliens Like Me!



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Other Aliens Like Me!

For years l lived a lie, l followed the path of pretence for convention sake. I desperately tried to fit into the society that l felt so very alienated from. Every day l tended to look at myself from the outside rather than behind my own eyes looking out. I could never understand why l felt different to my peers. Why did l think differently so much of the time? Truth be known and more importantly, was l thinking differently in the first place? Or was l merely approaching most questions from a different angle?

From an early age l learned to don and wear facial emotion masks, l used to practice in front of the mirror my facial expressions, l used to people watch and mimic them, to be more like them. I tried so hard to NOT be me. Most of the time l succeeded, l was just as l was growing up and more so especially during my teenage years the shy geek, the absent minded nerd, the book worm, the retired and reticent fella, that had some very strange behaviour and who it always appeared to be, tried too hard to fit in.

I had friends, nerds, geeks and boffins alike, we made for a clan almost of freaks. We did strange things; we hardly spoke to girls because we usually stuttered too much or simply didn’t bother! We table top war gamed, we painted Airfix models, we stuck together, we read a lot, and the list of ‘strange hobbies and activities’ continued.

We were outcasts before the term of ostracisation was even a thing we had heard of. We stuck together, it was safer and yet so terribly deadly at the same time. Deadly because the bullies spotted us a mile off – we stood out like sore thumbs even when we thought we were conforming to the uniform of society – we tried too hard and those that do that stick out more as aliens!

Leaving school, and joining the workforce, l was known as quirky, and odd and almost robotic. I loved work, more so than most other employees and employers alike, l had found a friend that l could learn from, absorb, play with in my spare time, my full time, my part time, in fact l could play all day at this work thing and enjoy it immensely and l got paid!!!?

How utterly awesome!

I perfected what l did, l repeated my work over and over again until repeated became repetition, and repetition became ambition and ambition in turn became progression and enthusiastic progression combined with ambition suddenly saw me even more as an outsider and suddenly l became a brown noser!!?

I could do no right whatsoever at trying to fit in to conventional thinking, of conforming to the so called norm? What the fuck is this bloody norm anyway? Who defines it? Who has the bloody right to say this is normal and that is not?

But of course to question the norm, and who judges what it is in comparison to what it is not, is again suddenly deemed as inappropriate and against society thinking?

So no winning at all, we all have to pretend to be sheep, and maybe even cloned sheep, not ask questions, and act normal – read that back to yourselves – how does that behaviour actually read as fucking normal to begin with?

Up until l was around 45, or if you want me to really label the time frame, up until my diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, l burned out constantly pretending to live the so called normal life, l wasn’t ever truly really me, l was someone else.

When courting, my so called quirky behaviour was seen as fun loving, innocent and yet when married, l was told to stop acting like an twit and act more grown up, “Start acting normal!!” she demanded of me.

“But l am acting ‘’’normal’’’ this is who l am, this is actually me.”

But me, or even actually me, wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t normal, it wasn’t conventional, it didn’t conform to some invisible normalcy template, that society apparently has on show somewhere to encourage other aliens like me to read and understand and what is expected of us.

However following my diagnosis, l woke up ……….

I sat upright in bed one morning and thought “FUCK YOU society! Fuck you!! Who do you think you are telling me who l am supposed to be??”

So l started to live my life my way, quirks, foibles, strange behaviour, stims and everything else supposedly oddish came out to play and they stayed.

We, l, you are not here to please everyone else, we can’t please everyone all the time, we have to concentrate upon who we are, and not drop into the bottomless pit of so called defined normalcy laid out by a society that is so utterly scared of not fitting into this fantasy filled and imagined form of template structuring, that they wouldn’t know how to be anything else if they really tried!

People say we want to be different, we want to be unique – wake up – you already are different – but only if you realise that you are already different to the next person. You are the only ones stopping your youniqueness from surfacing – yes you, stop being afraid of yourself, you can only be you, no one else can be you – well maybe clones, but we don’t want to be clones, or robots or doubles, we don’t need to pretend to be something we are not.

These designs were created because of this bullshit that society makes or tries to make us think that we are not good enough to be who we are. Society wants us to be the same, and yet ‘OH’ the outcry about cloning, and about not being true to you, how utterly hypocritical, but that is society.

Well you are not society, you are you and don’t forget it, and by the way if you want an actual ‘OH’ moment – take this …

“No one is normal, because there is no such bloody thing as normal!”

“Oh, there is always one alright then smarty pants … define it!”


Rory Matier – The Tee Shirt Blogger
Ps: These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.